Adding Injury to Injury

I consider myself “in training.” Right now, for my first marathon and Spartan Race.  So being able to actually complete my workouts every day seems pretty integral in the process.  Not so easy when my right knee swells up like grapefruit (or maybe more like a clementine, but still…) and my right foot yelps each time I put weight on it.  What to do???
Oh right…REST.  Lest I injure myself further and be forced to take weeks away from training, I choose to take an unscheduled rest day and placate my aching bones.  And remind myself, over and over and over again, that it is PERFECTLY OKAY to take a break.  Especially when your body is screaming for you to do so. 
So, yesterday, I rested.  My two-hour run the previous day in old running shoes left me feeling…well…not good.  As in, can’t-walk-down-the-steps-without-grimacing-hobbling-like-Quasimoto not good.  I needed a break.  No bouncing, no lifting, not even a stretch.  I did bowl a game, but I swear, I did not exert myself in any way.  I had a cheesesteak to get back to…(because my taste buds also wanted a break from training).
I think we can get so caught up in the end game, overly focused on the results and goals we’re reaching for, and forget that our bodies need a little TLC every now and then.  I am determined that I will not wait for the screams of pain next time.  I will schedule in a rest day…maybe even two…after my more extreme runs.  After all, knees need love, too…


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