Holy Shakeology, Batman!

Oh, the deliciousness! I honestly did not have high expectations for the taste of yet another protein drink mix…but it was like drinking cake batter! And beyond the taste – I have stayed full and craving-free for an entire day! How crazy is that? Me, Queen of Noshing! Needless to say, I am SO hooked on Shakeology now!
And the protein bars! Yum! I tried the chocolate fudge today and had to remind myself not to feel guilty.  It tastes like a candy bar.  No lie! Had I known it was this tastey, I would have started with these products when I first started using the fitness programs. 
AND – today was also my first day using the E&E Formula, with the same results! As a runner,  I often use Gu to rev my energy, but gag at the consistency.  E&E was tastey and easy to drink, and I felt increased energy all day long.  Not sure if it was E&E or Shakeology, but I believe I will keep using both. 
Now, to spread the word…
And figure out how NOT to sound like an infomercial…;p


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