Just Do It

It’s raining.  It’s cold.  The baby was up late and up early.  I simply did NOT feel like working out today.  But neither did I feel like being wracked with guilt later on for not completing today’s workout goal.  So with a heavy sigh, I popped in Fire 55 EZ and strapped on my BeachBody gloves – because my goal is to wear my gloves for every cardio workout (I want to make Michelle Obama jealous).
And 55 minutes later? I was bouncing off the walls and feeling anything BUT guilty! Comfort zone? WHAT comfort zone? BOOYAH!
This moment is what I remind myself of whenever LazyMe pokes her head out from beneath the covers and says, “Not today.” Because FabulousMe is so much more FUN to be (not to mention, her jeans fit oh-so-much better).
And that success carried over into lunchtime – when I prepared Chalene’s chocolate protein pancakes for myself and the babe.  We devoured them with bananas and honey…and stayed away from the peanut butter cream pie and cheesey bread that had been so tempting before my TurboFire session.
I am still riding high on endorphins and goals accomplished.  My only regret is that I didn’t discover the bliss of healthy living when I was younger.  Which is why, on a daily basis, my kids see me working towards fitness and health (and even join in from time to time – we ran our first family 5k just after Thanksgiving).  It pleases me to say that Chalene Johnson is a household name, and that those kiddos cheer me on when they see me doing P90X (“That is SO HARD, Mom! I can see your muscles getting bigger!”). 


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