Self Motivation

Motivation used to sound like a curse to me, just with more than the usual four letters.  It was the missing ingredient, the missing link, the missing puzzle piece in any program that I engaged in.  I would see an infomercial, read an article or book and become hellbent on getting in shape…for about a week.  Then I would get tired, or busy, or bored…and quit.  And feel like a failure.
So…how do I stay motivated now? There are three main ways and then lots of smaller ones.  The “small” ones aren’t small, really.  They just don’t push me quite as hard when I’m really not feeling the urge to sweat.  I want to be fit for my family, my health, my quality of life.  And those are big reasons.  But they don’t always get LazyMe moving. 
LazyMe is silenced more by knowing how I will feel when I’m done.  When I feel like I just went from Peter Parker to Spiderman, muscles inflated and abs defined.  When I just ran 10 miles instead of watching 10 hours of television.  When I know I DID SOMETHING with my day instead of wasting moments of my life.  There’s one way.
The second way is newer and grounded in my new business as a Beachbody Coach.  Who’s gonna buy in to the fabulous changes these programs can bring if I don’t show them what it did for me?  I need to be a product of the product, which has the outstanding side effects of feeling and looking incredible. (You see how everything starts cycyling here? It’s a lifestyle, not just an hour out of your day.)
The third and biggest way I stay motivated is TRAINING FOR AN EVENT.  This year is a big event year for me.  I am running three marathons, competing in my first Spartan race, and signing up for various 5k’s when timing and finances permit.  My pride will not allow me to enter into an event and not complete it.  I am not gonna lie; I want BRAGGING RIGHTS.  I want to wear my free tshirts, post sweaty/muddy/action shots up on Facebook and have people say, “Congrats! You rock!” It feels pretty good.  After all, we don’t get gold stars or Student of the Month awards anymore.  But we CAN get MEDALS.  I like prizes.  I like shiny things.  Events have SO MANY THINGS I WANT! 
So, when motivation seems MIA, I remind myself that Run For the Red is only four months away.  Spartan is only six months away.  And I cannot fail. 


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