Romance and P90X

Let me set the scene: the kids are in bed (hopefully dreaming), the dogs have been taken out (hopefully for the last time), and it’s just me and the hubby, alone at last. Within ten minutes, we’re both drenched in sweat and breathing heavily…with Tony Horton.

Get your mind out of the gutter! P90X is the new date night, six nights a week. Fitness is a priority in our house, and rather than make it one more block of time away from each other, we have decided to let it bring us closer together. When we’re both eeking out one more diamond pushup or sweating through one more set of heavy pants, we share a common goal and experience. And, even better, it has changed our goals as a couple. This summer, we will be competing in our very first mud race together, showcasing our ripped biceps/triceps/deltoids/etc. Making the commitment together makes sticking to the commitment that much easier. One of us will always push the other to get started, and really, that’s all it takes. Because if you can motivate yourself to start a workout session, you can certainly make it through to the end.

So yes…date night is different. Movies and cocktails have morphed to P90X and water breaks. But now we get six date nights a weeks as opposed to one a month, and we’re also seeing much more gorgeous people…


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