"Before" Photos – Because without them, you can’t have the "After" photos…

There is a good reason you’ve decided to start working out, and chances are that reason is something you want to keep hidden, perhaps with baggy sweatpants and long butt-covering tops. So who in their right mind would take a “before” photo and actually share it with other people? Well, I have…and I swear, despite what you may have heard, I am reasonably sane.
Those “befores” can be great motivation. When shared, they are a commitment statement, an advertisement to your world that you are starting a new lifestyle. As for myself, I shudder at the thought that those would be the last anyone would see of my midriff. So I keep on pressing play, crunching and jumping six nights a week. I drink my Shakeology every day and monitor what goes into my body. And I know that soon (hopefully within the next few weeks), I will have the “afters” I’m proud to share (and I’ll be busting out the belly-baring tops packed away since 1998. To hell with fashion when I’ve got actual abdominal muscles to showcase!).

And really, how can you brag about your progress if you don’t have the proof? I want to point at my befores and say, “Can you believe that was me? I have come so far, it’s incredible.”
I also find more inspiration from seeing others’ transformations, be it from P90X, TurboFire, or HipHop Abs. It pumps me up for my workouts and gives me fuel to keep pushing as hard as I must to get the results I lust after. So maybe, if I keep going, I can inspire someone else to start living a Fit Life and find the energy, passion, and exhiliration I have discovered in the last year.

So, suck it up, not in, and take disturbingly honest “befores.” You’ll be on your way to your awesome “afters” in no time!


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