When Jenny Met Running

You know you need to exercise.  Everyone is telling you.  Your neighbor.  Your doctor.  Your friends.  The crazy lady at Chic-Fil-A.  Maybe that last one is just me, but you get my point.  It’s not brain surgery or rocket science.  It’s a given.  The knowing is easy.  The starting can be just the teensiest bit difficult, and the sticking-with-it even harder (something akin to a root canal sans novacaine comes to mind).  BUT…I believe that if you have that much dislike for your workout, you’re just doing the WRONG WORKOUT. 
I’ve done ’em all. I like most of ’em.  But I looooooove TurboFire and I downright LUST after running.  It just took me about twenty years to discover the first and appreciate the other.
Think of it like dating.  We learn as we grow…
 As a teen, I loved the big hair and bright colors on Buns of Steel.  I gritted my way through each agonizing minute, but my buns never reached the approximation of any sort of metal.  Because I only gritted my way for about a week.  Then in college, I experimented with jazzercise type videos (everyone experiments in college!) and even had a brief fling with running and lifting (my roommate did it and promised it would make me feel good).  After college, I got a job as a step aerobics instructor and personal trainer (I was inching closer, but the fit still wasn’t quite right). 
About a year ago, I saw a TurboFire informercial during a middle-of-the-night newborn feeding.  I watched in awe as they shook booties, kicked high, and punched hard.  And those abs! I felt my own midsection and noted it was not the same as theirs.  But the announcer promised it COULD BE in just 90 DAYS.  I was desperate.  I handed over my husband’s debit card faster than my newborn could fill a diaper.  And guess what? GREAT FREAKIN’ PURCHASE! Because it changed my fitness life. 
And with this new level of cardio confidence, I took my own self to Providence, RI and ran a Rock N Roll half marathon just five months later.  BadASS. Now I became a runner.  I have previously described my love of running and all that entails, and I can pretty much promise I will refer to it again in the future.  (You don’t just talk about your spouse once and forget ’em, do you?)
Soooo…my point (yes, I still have one) is this: I found the workouts I needed to make me WANT TO DO IT.  I nearly salivate when workout time approaches.  At various points throughout my day, you can catch me mid-chore with a faraway look in my eye, and I’m seriously contemplating my sweat schedule.  It’s these dirty little daydreams that keep me revved up for the late-night rendevous with Mr. Horton and my hubby…We get (P90)X-rated six nights a week, baby!
Your workout is out there.  If you’ve started a program and found it wasn’t for you, remember: there are lots of exercises in the gym.  Keep looking, put yourself out there.  A little yoga here, some HipHop Abs there.  Before you know it, you’ve got google eyes for your very own workout and the two of you are attached at the sneaker.


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