Entering the Asylum

If you’ve read my previous posts, you are aware that I am a bit of a Beachbody fanatic.  I shook my booty through 90 days of TurboFire and followed that up with a round of ChaLEAN Extreme. Now I’m gritting my teeth through P90X and groovin’ to HipHop Abs.  But tonight I got a little insane with Shaun T live and in person, so I’m headed towards the Asylum very soon…

I must admit, I was feelin’ a little cocky when I walked into the packed room at a local VFW, ready to sweat and flex my newfound muscles.  After all, I’ve been doing two-a-days for a little over a month and I’m training for a FREAKING MARATHON.  I am fitter than I have ever been.  How difficult could one hour be?  Ummm…pretty damn difficult.

I ripped off my shirt during the warm up.  Baby belly be damned, because I could not tolerate having that extra layer on.  Nor could I tolerate taking it easy and going at the class half-assed.  (For those of you who don’t know me, I prefer the whole ass approach.)  My legs were sca-reeeeem-ing in the first ten minutes.  My arms started shaking at fifteen.  I can’t even tell you what my abs were up to at the half-hour mark, because I had moved beyond pain to sheer determination. 

Baby belly be damned!
That was the hardest, sweatiest, most exhilirating hour of extreme fitness I’ve experienced in quite a while.  So…now I know what my next Beachbody shipment is going to be.  My arms were still in spasm state and my head was still floating in workout la-la land while I got an autograph for Bubba and a photo for me.  All I could concentrate on was when I could start Insanity at home.  Which means, hubby will be entering the Asylum with me, whether he wants to or not…muahahahahaha.  So please, pardon the upcoming overzealous posts once I start, because these endorphins tend to spin outta control…
Bubba with his autograph
Too ramped up to pose pretty

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