The Accountability Department

I like fun workout words – sweat! jump! dance! run! push!  Action words, verbs, movers and shakers are what get me going.  Words like accountability don’t typically enter my vocabulary unless I’m discussing household chores with my children (for the thousandth time today).  Accountability is a word dressed in an ill-fitting brown suit and mustard-colored necktie, maybe listening to Muzak or proofreading last year’s reports on the price of generic toilet paper while lecturing me about buckling down and straightening up and flying right.  *YAWN*

But, accountability does make some good points.  Not much would get done without it.  Every organization needs a stickler to make things work, so make room in your otherwise good timin’ brain for an accountability department.  You need that little voice to remind you why you’re waking up at a time that is perfectly good for sleeping; why you, when everyone else is snuggling deeper into pillows and blankets, are lacing up your shoes to do those action words mentioned above.

As for myself, I have found I am getting pretty good at holding myself accountable.  I know when I’m making lame excuses (“the laundry needs folding,” “I’d better check Facebook one more time,” or “this needs eaten before it goes bad”) and when I need to kick my own ass into gear.  I have also learned that the more I broadcast my intent, the more accountable I feel.  Failure only I know about is one thing; failure everyone can witness is quite another.  Now, I am sure not everyone in my social media world is keeping track of my workouts and nutrition, but I know for certain that a few people notice a few things.  That’s enough for me.  I said I was going to do P90X and HipHop Abs and train for a marathon.  So that’s what I’m doing.  I log onto my networks when I press play (and it’s not just for bragging rights – that’s what events are for).  It is my proof.  I said I was gonna, and I am. 

Even this blog holds me accountable.  One of my Push goals (side note: get yourself a copy of Chalene Johnson’s Push and do what she says) was to write every day in order to keep track of my progress and just to get back to writing.  Now that people are actually beginning to read it, I know I need to keep putting it out there.  It is part of my routine now, just as exercising is.  See, the great thing about accountability is that it takes the decision out of the equation.  You set a goal and you accomplish it.  The Dwight Schrute of your brain will tell you what to do if you just follow along.  Before you know it, you don’t even need accountability.  Working out and training become as much a part of your day as brushing your teeth, getting the kids off the bus, or taking the dogs outside.  It’s no longer a struggle; it just is.

So who/what is your accountability?  Why haven’t you broadcasted your goals to everyone you know?  I share each one with hundreds of people on a daily basis, even though I’m pretty sure the guy I used to go to kindergarten with doesn’t really care that my pushups are coming along so nicely.  But – I can certainly pretend that each and every one of my online friends – from old classmates to friends of friends I’ve met only virtually – are anxiously awaiting my next account of fitness miraculousness.  And I can promise you this: if you let me in on your goals, I will be watching your every workout move and counting each bead of sweat.  In a totally noncreepy, nonstalkerish way…


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