On To The Next!

Before HipHop Abs

I’ve spent four sweaty weeks with Shaun T, carving out some long-hidden abdominal muscles.  I learned that even I, devoid as I am of dancing ability and rhythm, can “tuck, tone, and tighten” my way through a HipHop Abs workout and actually have a good time doing so.  (This is one time I am glad I can only see the upper 1/4 of me in my little wall mirror; I can pretend I’m groovin’ and shakin’ my booty to an actual beat and lookin’ f-i-n-e while doing so.)

So will I use this program again? Abso-freakin-lutely! Coming off of TurboFire and using it in conjunction with P90X, I have to admit the beginning workouts weren’t quite as intense as I was used to (although I was still dripping sweat by the end).  After the first week, I started replacing the other cardio workouts with the bonus DVD “Extreme Cardio” and that, my friends, was intense.  I think I caught the faintest glimmer of what Insanity will be like when I finally crack that egg.  The Total Body Burn made my total body burn.  And I actually began to see results within the first week (during which I also followed the jumpstart meal plan included with the package).  Overall, this program was well worth the money, but I do wish I had splurged and gotten the deluxe package with the extra DVDs (as I will be ordering them eventually anyway, when I return to this one).  I think I would have loved it even more had I done it before the more difficult Beachbody programs; it would make a great introduction the library.

After HipHop Abs/Before P90X Doubles

So…now that my fling with Shaun T is at a (temporary) end, who to turn to?  What’s next???  Well, there’s been another man making my heart race these past few months.  He’s funny, fit, and never lets me down…I’ve decided I want to see more of him…I am moving on to P90X Doubles, baby!  I’ve been doing the Classic program with Hubby on a regular basis, but have decided to up the ante and follow the Doubles schedule for the next 90 days.  I expect big results (and a skyrocketing appetite – Wegmans, BEWARE!), so expect more “after” photos along my journey (this set is also serving as my “before” for the Doubles session).  You know I love my bragging rights, and I plan on bragging fewer modifications within the first 30 days…as in, I WILL be doing chin-ups correctly. 

So, as Tony says, “BRING IT!” (Oh, and Hubby? You’ll be needing to bring it, too…at least once a day.  Mwah!)


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