What the…?!?!

Okay, so I posted the photos…I can see the difference.  I can feel the difference.  But I made Hubby do my measurements because I just had to compare…and I actually gained inches and pounds.  So…how come?  And yes, that was meant to be read in a whiney, petulant, and quite immature manner, because that was my exact reaction.  How can I be further from the goals I set for myself when I have been working so diligently?  I made him remeasure for good measure.  I briefly considered that we may have a faulty tape measure.  I nearly became disheartened.  BUT…

When I began this journey, I maxed out at ten pushups on my knees.  And that was on a good day.  Now, I can bust out fifteen on my toes – and follow that set up with some military style, wide angle, decline, and divebomber pushups, still on my toes.  My five-pound weights are pretty dusty because they’ve haven’t been touched in weeks.  I can run 14.5 miles and still play outside all afternoon with my kids.  I no longer strain to touch my toes, because instead, I am touching the floor during stretches.  Instead of modifying shorter cardio workouts, I’m busting out every move at the top of the class – TWICE A FREAKIN’ DAY. 

So, my little pity party is over.  We don’t pity the Awesome.  We are not sad for the Incredible.  And I’m pretty sure I’m both of those right now (I’m riding a pretty intense P90X Plyometrics high).  As I’ve said before, my goals, they are a-changin’.  Sometimes I just need to use my newly developed quads to deliver a swift kick into my own firm ass as a reminder.  The bikini will come, but the better stuff is coming first. 


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