They may not read my blog, check my numbers on the scale, or scrutinize this month’s measurements, but there are four pairs of eyes following my progress and keeping track of my commitment more consistently than anyone else.  See that guy on the far left?  He comments on my “pumps” pretty frequently.  That one in the middle?  I am setting an example for her as a woman.  See the tallest one all the way to the right?  We talk running on a regular basis.  And that little guy…well, we’re certain that one’s a future football player/wrestler like his big brother.  They have all witnessed countless hours of me kicking, punching, and shaking my booty through TurboFire and HipHop Abs.  They even saw me struggling through a few sessions of P90X (long ago – I’m not struggling any longer ;))  And they always want to join in.  They want pumps, too, after all.  So, being the role model and incredibly fabulous mama that I am, I ordered “Tony and the Kids” for them.  Our deal is if they retain interest and do it often, they can also get Shaun T’s DVD.  Just like Mom and Dad!
Last night we popped it in and those lil’ sweat monkeys went right to work lunging, jumping, and stretching.  They did crunchy frogs, yoga poses, and wacky jacks (again, just like Mom and Dad!) right along with Tony, laughing the whole time (not always so much like Mom and Dad…).  I cannot express my joy at their joy.  Even the Rooster followed suit, reaching for the stars and then to the floor (even when the older three moved on to new moves).  It was half an hour of fun and fitness, and they were mighty proud of completing a workout with the great Tony Horton.  As they flexed for the camera and high-fived all the way around, commenting on the rough workout they’d just completed and wiping imaginary sweat from their brows, they made plans to do it again later in the week.  You know, to get in shape…like Mom and Dad…It’s the sincerest form of flattery…

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