Quit Is A Four Letter Word

Motivation has been discussed many times over, but it bears another once over.  Because, boy, did I fight to find it today.  Pink eye didn’t help matters.  Not so much because of the irritation/puss/inflamation, but because I just don’t feel quite so badass in my glasses.  Plus, I was tired.  I was sore from yesterday’s double session.  I missed my morning run and my shower.  (Don’t stand too close…)  Whine whine whine, moan moan moan.  (I would add “blah blah blah,” but for various reasons, it has been deemed a curse word here at the M&M Estate, so I’d better not say it.)

ANYWAY – I just didn’t feel it tonight.  Actually, I didn’t feel it at any point today.  Nor could I rely on my E&E to get me goin’ as it was so close to bedtime (and I’m pretty sure they have somehow put Tony Horton’s energy into powder form with that stuff).  But, I am also fully aware that I cannot tout the benefits of commitment if I myself am not committed (to a program, people.  The institution can wait another couple of years).  I will not gain the biceps, abs, or buns of steel if I don’t put the time in.  So, I finally sent the kiddos to bed halfway through American Idol with the promise of putting in their votes and finishing up tomorrow, changed into my workout gear, and pressed play.  I made it all the way through P90X Shoulders & Arms and most of the way through Ab Ripper X (my legs stopped me, weary from that Plyo workout yesterday).  I sweated.  I guzzled my water.  I sweated some more.  (Hubby may insist that I also make up for that missed shower.)  So, how do I feel now?

Still tired.  Still unmotivated.  But a hell of lot less guilty.  I know that when my head hits the pillow, the only thing on my mind will be Stephen Colbert for the five minutes I manage to watch before I zonk out.  I will not be rethinking the rest of the week’s workout schedule to make up what I’ve missed or searching for justifications as to why I missed it when I know I was perfectly capable of just doing it.  It wasn’t my most enjoyable workout moment, but I did it.  My arms are drooping far below the keyboard as I type this and I barely remember my point…but I do remember that I accomplished the goal set for today and that brings me closer to the goal I have set for next month and this summer. 

So…my point…My point is this: If your only excuse is you’re tired, that’s not an excuse.  That’s a cop out.  If your only excuse is you’re not motivated, that’s not an excuse either.  Motivated doesn’t mean following through only when you’re so pumped to work out that you can’t stand still.  Motivated is pushing play, going to class, heading out for that run even when you don’t want to do it.  The only person that can talk you out of your goal is YOU.


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