Any Publicity Is Good Publicity

Maybe you set fitness goals for yourself on New Year’s Eve.  Maybe you set them when the bikinis appeared on the racks at Target, taunting you as you strolled past in your fanny-covering sweater, venti caramel macchiato in hand.  The important thing is that you promised yourself fitness would be a part of your life from that moment on (and I know you made that promise because I have declared it so).  The thing is, if you only whisper that intent to yourself and if you only tell yourself when you’re feeling not-so-confident, the likelihood of you actually attaining those goals is not-so-high.  I bet now you’re wondering, “What should I do?”  Well, sit down and listen, little Readers.  I’m about to blow your mind…

Tell everyone. 

Shocking!  Sharing personal information?  With everyone?  Who would do that…?  I know what you’re thinking, but I am not the only one.  We all do it.  Every day.  Some of us, every other minute.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…Words are no longer enough, now we must post pictures regularly.  (Which is also a FABULOUS IDEA.  Nothing is quite so motivating as sharing your before photos with people you haven’t talked to since you were sixteen.) 

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve seen my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram posts on a pretty regular basis.  Now, I am perfectly aware that the multitudes I imagine following my every workout move are, in reality, more equivalent to a handful.  However…I know that the handful is watchful and this keeps me pressin’ on.  I can’t just back out now; I made a PUBLIC STATEMENT.  Actually, I’ve made a lot of public statements.  Marathon, Spartan Race, P90X Doubles…these are just a few that come to mind.  So now I’m training for that marathon, that Spartan, and every day, I’m doing P90X and contemplating my next round of goals. 

I don’t care if everyone is tired of seeing my workout-related status updates.  I don’t care if you don’t want to see sweaty photos of my smiling face.  I will continue to post my goals and my progress.  (If you think I’m overdoing it with my training updates, just wait until I actually COMPLETE my goals…)  And I urge you to do the same.  Let everyone in your universe know what you’re doing.  Not just online.  Talk about it the same way you talk about your kids/pets/jobs.  Just this week, I blabbed about my marathon training to my eye doctor.  I just felt he would want to know.  Same as the other parents in my and Jack’s You&Me class Tuesday nights.  Or the cashier at Wegmans.  I announce it more frequently than I say my own name. 

Chances are, if you put it out there, not only will you feel more accountable, people will give you real encouragement.  I love my inbox messages and getting approached when I’m out and about by those who have read about my progress online.  And guess what?  My eye doctor really was interested and suggested supplements to help my joints.  This public declaration stuff really works.

I may even get a tshirt made up just in case I forget to tell the kids’ bus driver or the waitress at the diner down the street.  I wouldn’t want anyone to feel left out…


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