Project "Run" Way

In another life, long long ago, I followed in the high-heeled steps of Carrie Bradshaw, not only ooh-ing and aah-ing over colorful stilettos, but prancing about town in them on a daily basis, with everything from minis to jeans and t-shirts.  I longingly perused the pages of Vogue and tried in vain to recreate the gorgeousness by shopping at Target and the Salvation Army.  Fashion was a passion.  Then came baby #3 and days at home in pajamas (not from laziness – usually – but from days so busy I have no time to change).  Without a showcase, my flamboyant footwear slowly made its way to the attic for storage.  My feet would go weeks without seeing polish or a pumice stone, encased as they were in slippers and Uggs.  My minis were banished lest they remind me of toner thighs.  I reached a point when stretchy jeans became my “polished” look.  And when I began exercising once more, my workout wardrobe reflected my mentality.  Old baggy tshirts and oversize black yoga pants hid my baby fat from myself.  Hello, rut.

I am terribly happy to announce that those days are gone.  The heels remain in their attic home, but I have a new obsession: RUNNING SHOES! CROSSTRAINERS! HIKING BOOTS!  I salivate over the newest Newtons (I WILL own a pair!), lose my breath over the stark whiteness of new Asics, have heart palpitations over each and every pair of “barefoot” running shoes.  My only sadness arises from the fact that our budget cannot currently contain my lust for athletic footwear.  I am (for the time being) in monogamous relationships with my Brooks Ghosts (for running) and my Asics Gels (for TurboFire and P90X).  Someday, though…someday I will have sneakers to match every outfit for every workout…

And speaking of outfits!!!!  Have you seen lululemon???  Be still my fashionista heart!  These are clothes that look adorable enough to wear around town.  Nay – they demand to be taken outside of the gym or the living room.  Sexy little skirts for running and slouchy, skinbaring yoga tops in gorgeous palettes are up for grabs alongside trendy headbands and flatteringly fitted jackets.  I bemoan the fact that the closest retail store is 1.5 hours from me, but Hubby rejoices.  I don’t think I could restrain myself if these clothes were right in front of me.  As it is, I can spend hours online lusting after the marathon skirt (7 pockets and still lovely). 

Lululemon may be the cream of the crop (in my very biased opinion), but it’s not the only site out there. offers fantastic prints, varying lengths, and matching accessories.  It was their cover on Runners magazine that opened my eyes to the possibilities of my workout wardrobe.  The flashy knee socks were right up my alley and I wanted to feast my eyes on the rest of the collection.  Chalene Johnson’s site,, offers bright neons for high octane turbo sessions and fabulous accessories like the “Do More” trucker hat.  Even Zumba has a clothing line with light cargo pants and off-the-shoulder tops.  The options are endless and incredibly enticing.

Who says you can’t sweat and be gorgeously turned out at the same time?  Like a good hair day, a good fashion day can make all the difference in your mood, regardless of what you’re out to accomplish.  I don’t know about you, but I’m working pretty freakin’ hard for these abs and that rear, and I want to show them off in the best possible gear.  No ball gown or trendy mini is going to showcase my higher tush better than fitted yoga pants or running shorts.  And these amazing shoulders look their best in slouchy tops that just refuse to sit straight but would rather slide enticingly down one arm (and often dip low enough to give a teasing glance at my inredible biceps).  So my advice today, Readers, is to do your part for the economy and SHOP AWAY!  It’s your duty to your country and your reflection.


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