Let’s Call It Re-Decision

So, yeah.  I’ve started a few workout programs in the past and not finished them.  And perhaps (in the past) this was due to laziness or boredom.  Maybe.  Now, however, I find I must change up because the program is not meeting my expectations.  As in, the sucka’s too damn easy.

I figured P90X Doubles would work fabulously for me, as it is currently the only program I own that Hubby agrees to do with me (and we all want him to work out, right?).  Turns out, Cardio X ain’t got nothin’ on my girl Chalene and TurboFire.  So, I am creating my very own little hybrid of P90X Doubles and TurboFire and marathon training, tweaking the schedules from day to day to fit my needs.  At first, I felt like I was quitting, yet again.  But I caught myself.  I can’t help that I have become this awesome and need more of achallenge than Tony offers with Cardio X.  Nor is it Mr. Horton’s fault that I am such an insatiable cardio machine.  We can all get along, as I am not abandoning P90X completely – keeping the lifting sessions, Plyo, and (every now and again) Kenpo X.  But on those days when I’m not running and the schedule calls for some cardio – I am turning to Chalene and her booty-shakin’ bad assedness.  (It’s a word because I said so.)

I love returning to TF after time away.  Fire 55 EZ is my benchmark workout, allowing me to truly recognize how far I have come since I first started my Beachbody journey a little over a year ago.  The first time I attempted this particular workout, I thought I might die.  I struggled through, modifying any step I could modify and thanking the gods of modification for their offerings.  Now…ha.  Now, I wear weighted gloves (which are so worn out that the velcro keeps coming undone) and am contemplating moving up from 1 lb to 2 lbs.  Because now, those extra pounds don’t feel so extra.  Yes, readers…I have guns.  And they are begging for more ammunition.  I don’t modify anymore.  Instead, I impress myself and my children with my amazing tuck jumps, frog jumps, and air jacks.  I look forward to the one-minute fire drills, the incredibly fast-paced and lung crunching sections of each TF video.  I am also anticipating the delivery of my brand spankin’ new TF workouts later this week on the Keep On Burnin’ DVD.  More Chalene? More punches/kicks/shakes/squats/speedbags?  YES, PLEASE! 

And the marathon training continues as well, with early morning runs beginning this week as the sunrise is finally on my side.  This Saturday calls for twenty miles and lots o’ planning for water and fuel and route changes.  I have never run quite so far, but I find I am not nervous.  I’m freakin’ EXCITED.  Seeing how far I’ve progressed just pumps up my confidence and inflates my ego (if you can believe there was any more room for inflation). 

My next big challenge in my training?  Backing away from the cheesecake/chocolate/nutella/crescent rolls and immersing myself in Shakeology/veggies/fruits/proteins.  I need to start fueling my body for the more intense training.  Blah blah blah.  It’s the hardest part of Fit Living for this food lovin’ gal, but I know in my stomach of stomachs it must be done.  To hold myself accountable, be prepared for photos and menus on a daily basis.  I am vowing to share this journey as well, whether you find it interesting or not.  (For the record, if you don’t care, keep your ennui to yourself.  I prefer to pretend everyone is watching.)

So – to recap – it’s not indecision, it’s re-dicision.  And I will be touting the blessings of Beachbody as I start new TF workouts and increase my shake consumption.  And I don’t care if you don’t care.  Happy Monday!

No, seriously – happy Monday!  I just kicked 55 minutes of TF ass and will be lifting with Tony and Hubby tonight (back and biceps and ab ripper X).  That’s a pretty freakin’ good day, endorphin-wise.  I double dog dare you to tell me otherwise.


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