The Photographic Evidence

It’s a quick one tonight, folks.  I had a day full of fevers, vomit, and gymnastics (although the last one was blissful, as I finally got to sit and watch my Bear flip and tumble whilst perusing the latest from Runner’s World) and it is off to Skinny Girl Margarita-ville I go.

Anyway – I pledged to at the very least share my meals/snacks/etc from here on out, and so I felt obligated to stop by and do just that.  I have already been a sometimes faithful user of myfitnesspal (and I highly recommend it to anyone trying to lose or gain weight – it’s free and it works.  What more can you ask for?).  This week, I was particularly faithful and have eased myself back into a normal eating plan vs. the good-all-day-gorge-at-night plan I had been following in recent weeks.  I alternated that with the it’s-a-special-occasion-because-it’s-Bear’s-birthday/we’re-out-to-eat/I-just-freakin’-feel-like-it-OK?!? diet…but that one, believe it or not, did not get me the results I was after either.  So it’s back to basics, as it should always be, and I have given myself the added accountability of taking photos of each morsel consumed (pre-consumption, of course) and sharing the resulting photographs with all of you.  On the edge of your seat yet? Drumming fingers anxiously on your computer desk?  Well, stop it.  That’s annoying.  (I won’t care in a few moments, as I mentioned previously that my good girl liquor awaits).

Is it everything you dreamed it would be?

So there it is.  Ta-DAAA!  That’s my daily breakfast, although the yogurt is typically substituted with a form of fruit.  I am weaning myself off of Nutella, but that shit is made out of crack.  The peanut butter crackers – from a vending machine after gymnastics.  I was starving and about to be Sponge Mom Angry Pants if I didn’t get something in my belly.  Hubby outdid himself once again, mixing leftovers with cupboard leavin’s (you know those packages of stuff that you never recall buying and never seem to get used?), so we had pasta with chicken and sauce for dinner.  Perfect on a chilly and rainy day.  Lunch – I did that myself!  I used fridge leavin’s (leftovers and previously cut veggies and/or fruits so I only have to put forth minimal effort) and concocted a pretty bangin’ salad for myself.  And…at long last…thank you, Bethenny Frankel, for the gift of Skinny Girl.  Tastey and low-cal enough that I feel no guilt over two servings (certainly not after two servings, as I have become a total lightweight in this arena). 

There you have it.  Not every day will be this detailed (I will be back to my random rants/ravings/blatherings as of tomorrow), but if you’re truly curious about what I’m ingesting, friend me on myfitnesspal.  My username is Miller343 and my diary is public.  And hey, I can use all the eyeballin’ I can get to keep me on track and eating like the athlete I picture myself to be.


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