Feel Your Boobies (Or Her Boobies)

We all love a good rack, don’t we?  Whether you’re the owner or the purveyor, the beauty of the breast is quite apparent.  We love the girls, the twins, the ta-tas, the melons.  That is why each year on Mother’s Day, as a family, we don our pink and move our feet to show our love for the breasts.  It has become a family tradition to pack our bags and head to Philadelphia for the Susan G. Komen Mother’s Day 5k and celebrate the beauty and the health of the boobies. 
It’s all about the love!

So, yes.  I do love fitness for fitness’ sake.  But I love incorporating it into family activities and teachable moments for the smaller folk in our Clan, too. Quite literally, from dawn till dusk, we are moving as a unit that day and even the boys sport some pink.  In the past, the littler legs have demanded a “walking race,” but this year, they have stated it’s time to run!  It warms their mama’s fitness-lovin’ heart to hear those sweet words, but my expectations for actual running time are realistic.  As in, I am sure there will be excitement for the first three minutes followed by many more minutes of walking and perhaps asking to be carried (and that’s just Hubby).

Checking in
Hotel Pool Magic!

But still!  It’s a truly great family time every year.  We head into Philly the night before the race to check in and wander about, have a relaxing dinner, and enjoy the hotel pool.  (Side note: always book a hotel with a pool.  It is the most fun we have everywhere we go, though the reason still eludes me.  And thank you to my big sister for making me aware of the magic of the hotel pool.)  Race day begins early, with much rubbing of the eyes and asking why it is still dark outside (the sun is lazy!).  But by the time we hit the streets with our bib numbers and our pink, it’s all about the fun!

The Race for the Cure

Music, free (healthy!) food and water, chances to shop pre-race, balloons…It’s a smorgasboard of activity and smiling faces.  The walk itself is a lesson in gratitude as survivors walk or run alongside us.  And the bonding for us as a family is tremendous.  We have our tradition, our commitment to a Fit Life, our belief in the cause.  It all works.  And the day is good.

Best way to spend Mom’s Day
Fight Like A Girl!

We are Team M&M.  We will run.  We will walk.  We will laugh.  We will wear our pink proudly and with honor.  And you?  You can join us!  Sign up with our team and run or walk with our crazy family!  If you can’t make the race, donate and make our fundraising a success!  I’ve written about the strength of women before; the women we’re walking for are some of the strongest women in the world.  This disease does not discriminate; we could be walking for your mother, your sister, your wife…or you.  Every dollar makes a difference.  Which is why I am choosing to donate 10% of all Beachbody sales between now and Mother’s Day to our team fundraiser.  You want to get fit (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading).  Here’s your chance to get off your keister and be a good Samaritan at the same time. 

Mother’s Day 2011

Look to your right…See all those links over there?  They take you right to my site.  There’s also a new link to our fundraising page.  If you’ve ever found inspiration here, if you’ve ever found motivation here…throw a couple bucks into the pot.  And then feel your boobies.  Or your wife’s or girlfriend’s boobies.  Or tell a lovely lady that you’ve just made a donation and ask if you can feel her boobies.  See?  Giving is a wonderful thing.  Give freely so you can feel freely.


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