I Got To Keep On Movin’

Okay.  Run for the Red is ten days away.  I am still injury free, despite my cats’ attempts to do me in via a stairway fall and the babe’s fascination with rolling Matchbox cars my way during TurboFire.  But then, two days ago, my iPhone fell in the toilet.  (Clean bowl, thank the heavens.)  All was good – except the volume.  No sound.  A minor wrinkle, to be sure, but enough of a wrinkle to start those sneakered butterflies running laps around my belly.  For no volume = no music for 26.2 miles.  No volume = no voice reminders for my intervals.  (Hey, we’re all spoiled by technology, and the lady who gently reminds me of my time has become a close friend of mine.)  A wrinkle to be sure, but I could iron this one out (and iron it far better than any shirt unlucky enough to meet my ironing board).  As of today, I am the proud and excited owner of the iPhone 4s and I have a new lady in my life.  So, see?  Crisis averted.

Oh, but wait!  Those ten miles I was scheduled to run this afternoon?  The ones Hubby and I planned our schedules around to be sure they weren’t missed?  They’re gonna be missed.  Apparently the engineers in Jersey did not get my training memo and Hubby has received extra work at the office.  Seriously?  Don’t these people know my race is but ten days away?  I briefly toyed with the idea of pawning the older children off via playdates at someone else’s home, but that still leaves me with a teething babe.  It is doubtful he (or I) would make it through ten miles with a jogging stroller.  And Mother Nature is just rubbing salt in my wounds.  The first gorgeous day in a week and my running feet are trapped in crosstrainers.

That’s right.  I laced up the Asics and popped in a DVD.  I may not be assured of the time I need to meet my planned mileage, but that doesn’t mean I’m sprawled out in bed trying to figure out why every female my age or older is raving about Fifty Shades of Grey (I tried, ladies…but melodramatic softcore porn will never beat out Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter).  No.  I just finished forty-five minutes of Zumba (all that listening to QiDANCE lately had me in the mood to dance) and if need be, I’ll log some extra TurboFire time today.  I’m still dreaming of a quick run, but Chalene always has my back if I can’t get there. 

My point is this: Murphy’s Law is real.  It does exist.  Life exists.  Every day problems creep out and worm their way into your plans.  This is the point when many say they don’t have the time to work out.  Well, I haven’t been training for six freakin’ months to let life get in the way of my goals.  I can’t run?  So what?  I can still train and get my heart racin’ for the two hours I planned on those ten miles taking me.  Screw you, Murphy.  I got bigger fish to fry. 

I have been called stubborn, bullheaded, and other descriptive words I choose not to share.  I’ll take that.  If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be meeting goals left, right, and straight on.  I’d still be in the same old rut, dreaming of being fit and wishing I had race medals hanging on my walls.  I wouldn’t be sharing my love of fitness with everyone I meet (and some I haven’t) or helping others get started meeting their own goals.  So, yes…I am stubborn.  I refuse to let life’s annoyances interfere with my to-do list.  It’s like the Bear Hunt song my kids used to sing in preschool…Can’t go over it, can’t go under it…You gotta go through it.  It’s really the only way (plus, it’s the most fun way too).

(And PS…it’s this bitch got it done for six months…and now this bitch has that leopard bikini…:)  BOO. YAH.)


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