The Big Piece of the Pie

Two of the four in one big ass sammich

I like food.  I like food ALOT.  I have never been a girl to say, “Oh, I forgot to eat” or “I just didn’t have time to eat today.”  Because in my world, that cannot happen.  Hubby and the monkeys will attest to the fact that Hungry Mommy is the siamese twin of Cranky Mommy (aka SpongeMom Angrypants).  And not so long ago, I ate what I craved.  And what I craved typically involved the four food groups: bacon, peanut butter, chocolate, and/or cheese.  My best meals combined these four pillars of nutrition in myriad ways, one of the all-time favorites being PB&B sandwiches (peanut butter & bacon, of course).  So why, then, was I so totally mystified that working out was not giving me all the muscle definition I so desired?  I was one of THEM.  One of those who wants so badly for something to be true that I simply decide it is true and continue about my business. 

What changed?  I can’t pinpoint the exact WHY or WHEN of the changing, but recently (within the past few months) something just clicked.  Like the Gods of Nutrition flipped the switch in my brain from “Junkie” to “Health Nut.”  Suddenly, eating properly and fueling my body instead of gorging and putting my body to sleep seemed, well…easy.  Or at least, relatively so.

Fish with Flava – ala Shaun T

Because I do nosh from time to time.  I slip.  I chow.  I nibble at the cheese plate.  But this is what I find: even when I fall off the wagon, I don’t fall far.  That nibble sates me and I’m back to clean eating.  Or what I prefer to call (mostly) clean eating.  Because I am, in fact, human.  I sometimes enjoy a splurge in the calories…It’s just that it is no longer a daily occurrence.  The results I want, the body I want…It isn’t going to just arrive in the mail with my next Beachbody purchase.  I have to work just as hard at fueling it as I do training it.

And that’s the other motivator – the training.  All that time and effort I’m expending is pretty precious to me.  Why trash it all with a poor fueling system?  Because that’s really what food is for – fueling our bodies.  It’s enjoyable fuel, but fuel nonetheless.  Nutella is not going to power my marathon training (yep, I’m scheduling the next already).  Taco pizza will not give me that extra edge to push through my Spartan Race.  I choose instead a diet of Shakeology, fresh veggies and fruits, and lean meats.  I drink water like it’s…well, water.  I am eliminating soda and refined sugars.  I am gradually going organic and gluten free.  When I shop, I shop the perimeters of the grocery store because that’s where they keep the good stuff. 

Healthy cranberry scones

And that word I just used…”diet.”  I typically dislike that word.  I do not approve of the connotations that it carries, the ideas of restriction and temporariness.  Because eating correctly is not about restriction and it should never be temporary.  This is a lifestyle – and a rewarding one at that.  I feel better, I look better…In fact, I look better now than I did in my teens and 20’s (I just have more laugh lines, but laughter suits me).  I am fitter than I have ever been and I just keep getting better.  My awesomeness levels are higher every day…I simply cannot help myself.  Which means, you know…you can do the same thing.  You can actually DO IT instead of just TALKING ABOUT DOING IT. 

As a parent, I feel it’s my job to show by example.  Unfortunately, they’ve had seven or so years of bacon lust as an example, so we’re learning together.  They are surprisingly receptive to fresh fruit, learning to accept the vegetables, and thoroughly enjoying the lean meats.  Treats are treats and they are not every day.  We don’t keep soda or sugar drinks in our house and even school snacks have gone organic (we made the switch from Oreos to Newman-Oh’s and Goldfish to Cheddar Bunnies without a single complaint).  So again, it’s doable.  There’s no excuse of “my kids just won’t eat that.”  When ours do whine about yet another healthy dinner (and it happens because they’re KIDS), I allow that they can choose dinner entrees, too…when they get a job, do the shopping, and learn to cook.  Until then, we eat what I cook (or, to be honest, what Hubby cooks.  And he cooks what I plan and buy). 

My daily breakfast

My whole point today is this: if I can put down the Thin Mints, the Diet Cokes, and the Funyuns…anyone can.  It’s less about willpower and more about a singular decision: do you want to continue wishing for health and fitness, or do you actually want to have it? 


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