The Dark Side

Did you know that I enjoy working out from time to time?  Little known fact, but I do.  And did you also know that I recently shrunk rather dramatically, thus requiring many articles of new clothing?  Also true!  All my hard work, sweat, dedication, and perserverance really paid off.  The problem?  I have yet to discover a store that wishes to provide me with this new clothing free of charge.

And it isn’t just new jeans I require.  Suddenly, my underwear will not stay put (and not for the same reasons as when I was in college – I keed, I keed).  The once relatively bodacious twins – gone.  I am no longer filling out my undergarments! And, sadly, I am next-to-last in line when it comes to replacing wardrobe pieces (Hubby, like most men, bought every article of clothing he will ever need before he earned his degree).  So, please – do not judge me if you should see me about town with my pants gathered around my ankles.  It’s not what you think.

Old Navy – CHEAP!

To add to my wardrobe dilemma is the daily issue of workout wear.  I did not anticipate shrinking so much that even spandex would become too loose a material.  Tuck jumps are fairly challenging in their own right without the extra danger of losing one’s shorts.  And those once-glorious twins?  They need smaller housing during exercise as well.  I thought I was quite clever when I began doubling up the sports bras to provide the necessary support.  Alas…the double layer is beginning to prove ineffective. 

Even my crosstrainers are too big!  I know, that’s from wear-and-tear.  I do not suddenly have teeny tiny totties.  But still.  Yet another article to purchase.  *sigh*

What’s an exercise addict to do???

Ghosts – $25!

LOOK FOR DEALS! WATCH FOR SALES!  I discovered $8 and $10 sports bras at Old Navy alongside $15 compression shorts and yoga pants.  Running shorts were half off at Dick’s last week.  Target has suprisingly quality socks and sports bras (the shorts are a tad…well…matronly…) for pretty decent prices.  I am constantly on the lookout for deals, seeing as how I now spend about 3/4 of my time in workout wear.  Just before my marathon, I spotted Brooks Ghosts (my current favorite running shoe) for TWENTY-FIVE BUCKS at Aardvark Sports Shop!  Holy cheapness, Batman!  The inexpensive-yet-quality crosstrainers are proving quite elusive, but I refuse to abandon all hope.  I know they’re out there, somewhere, waiting…I will find them.  Oh, yes…I will find them…


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