Shake n’ Bake, Baby

In case you are not aware, summer has begun.  The kiddos are home ALL. DAY. LONG.  The weather is HOT and HUMID.  Workout conditions are LESS THAN IDEAL.  Does that mean we don’t work out?  Do we put our goals on the backburner?  Are we giving these questions any merit whatsoever?  I think not.

Myself, I love the heat.  I love the sun.  I love the being outside with minimal clothing.  However…running only happens when I drag my weary ass out of bed at 5 am (5:30 at the latest) or on the weekends – because Hubby is there to tend to all of our wee ones.  Seeing as how I plan to run my next marathon in September, I foresee the coffee pot percolating much earlier this week.  As for my non-run days…I am back to the ever-so-glamorous living room, navigating amongst the board books and myriad “guys.”  Someday…someday…I will have my dream garage…

And when I say I love the heat…well, I love it when I’m basking next to the pool.  Okay, when I’m following the babe from one spot to the next around the pool.  But still.  I love the heat when we’re playing with the dogs in the backyard or pushing swings at the park.  When I’m doing a HIIT workout followed by lifting…I am much more of an air-conditioned sort of gal.  I drop approximately 80,000 gallons of sweat (that’s a conservative estimate) during any singular workout session.  I don’t feel the need to take it up a notch by adding summer’s warmth.  And I’m pretty sure anyone within an aromatic distance agrees.

So I may be bakin’, but baby, I’m still shakin’.  I can’t get out in the morning?  Then I wait till naptime.  I can’t get that darn babe to sleep?  Then I wait till Hubby says, “Honey, I’m home!”  There are days I’m waiting until bedtime, but there are never days when I simply say, “I give up.”  I removed those words from my vocabulary a long time ago, my friend.  And you should, too.

Heat, shmeat.  Time, shmime.  Too hot?  Go inside to the AC.  Don’t have enough time?  That’s crap and you know it.  You’re never gonna find the time.  You have to make the time.  What is more important than your overall health?  Updating another status?  Pinning another photo?  Watching one more rerun of Everybody Loves Raymond?  (But hey, seriously…that’s one freakin’ funny show.)  You know how you schedule appointments, meetings, playdates?  Schedule your workout.  One hour of your day, tops.  Who can’t carve out an extra hour?  Four kids.  Starting a business.  Returning to a career.  Still managing one to two hours 5 to 6 days a week.  You want to lay out your reasons for me?  Please do.  So I can tell you to shut it and get back to sweatin’.  Hate me now, thank me later. 

Now start shakin’ and bakin’, baby.  We got work to do!


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