Earning It

You know what happens when you’re so full of awesome it starts leaking out your pores? People try to steal it.  True story. 

Most of the time, it’s quite flattering.  I get a rush of my own motivation when I learn others are motivated by this very blog right here.  Love that.  I feel all pumped up when new fans are added to my Facebook fan page and actually interact there.  That is fantastic.  And I jump at the chance to babble on and on about my Fit Life passions when people have questions about their very own fitness pursuits.  Adore this.  These are three of the reasons I choose to keep my accounts public.  So everyone has access to my awesomeness.  (And my business – don’t forget to check out those hot little ads flashing to your right.)  All I ask in return is…don’t be a behind-the-scenes stalker.  Don’t twist all this positivity into bitterness.  You ain’t gots ta be jealous – this club does not boast exclusive membership.  Everyone can join.

I’m gonna warn all you newbies now: when others see your results, they typically have one of two reactions.  1: “You look incredibly healthy! Tell me how you achieved such amazing results so I can do that too!” or 2. “You look incredibly healthy! I am very jealous and want to tear you down!”  See, most of you reading this fall under that first group, and I just love ya to pieces!  We’re going places, you and I!  You’ve joined my KickOffSummer Challenge group; you’ve messaged me, FB’d or tweeted me, you’ve double-tapped my pics on Instagram.  You ROCK.  Keep motivating me, please!  You’re doing wonders for my abs. 

Now you folks in Group 2…how come?  Haters don’t have to hate.  And haters don’t have to imitate.  See, we Group 1 people appreciate individuality.  You know the saying, “You were born an original…don’t be a copy?”  That’s good stuff, right there.  Learn it.  Know it.  Live it.  And relax.  Take all that energy you’re expending on bitterness, jealousy, and cutting down and put it into a really fabulous workout.  Amazing things will happen for you!  Your shoulders will drop down away from your steaming ears; your frown will turn upside down; your entire ass will unclench.  And hey, we’ll be right here with open toned arms, just waiting to crush you in fit hugs and slap your back with genuine praise. 

But until you make that forward step…you just motivate me.  You fuel my workouts.  Your disdain and surety that I can’t do it makes me certain that I can.  My advice to you?  Until you reclaim your sanity, step aside so you don’t get run over.  This here train…it’s movin’ at full speed and there ain’t nothin’ you can do to stop it.


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