First Degree Murder

Totally guilty.  Book me, Dan-o, because I JUST KILLED MY WORKOUT.  That was the hardest I have worked since before my marathon.  Go ahead, ask me how I feel.  FAN-F#$KIN’-TASTIC.  I haven’t felt that way since before my marathon either.  Because I have also been guilty of…*gasp*…slacking.

Yes, even me.  I slack.  I have slacked.  I was slacking.  I hate to admit it or say it out loud, but it’s true.  I lost that workout focus, even with the Spartan looming ever closer and my QiDance debut coming up.  Not only was I not pushing myself as hard, I was allowing my diet to creep dangerously close to its old menu.  And I’m supposed to be setting the example, right?  Bad coach.  Bad, bad coach indeed. 

Thank the gods of sweat that the “coach” was already established.  Because that’s what got me back here today.  That’s what made me push play on two ultra challenging workouts back-to-back.  And then add in a little QiDance practice after.  Abs are on tap for later tonight (because I just know Hubby wants to do them with me).  I know people are looking to me for advice, and I can’t just dish it out.  I gotta take it.  So I did.  Once again, thank you, Beachbody.  And thank you, readers and SweatItOut followers.  You have kept my muscles from goin’ soft. 

And that’s the other awful part: when I lessened my effort, my muscles weren’t the only part of me affected.  It’s like my brain went soft with relaxation.  Sounds good.  Isn’t.  Instead of bangin’ out goals on a daily basis, I was instead devoting more time to DVR and Zynga.  Ew.  I narrowly missed turning into a Facebook-game-playing-donut-eating mass.  If I ever invite you to a game of Farmville, you’ll know something’s amiss.  Thankfully, I pulled myself right outta that trap and am once again full of clarity and ass-kicking intentions.  Fair warning, I’m likely to be posting a lot more.  So if you’ve been missing all those opportunities to stalk my ever-changing hair, body, or workout schedules, here’s your chance to catch up.  Enjoy!


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