"I’m Buffy. You know? The Vampire Slayer?"

I am a proud waver of my dork flag.  I loved my tour of Graceland.  I read the entire Traveling Pants series (in my 30’s).  I can quote Caddyshack verbatim.  And I am a full-fledged citizen of Sunnydale.  You know, Buffy’s hometown?  That’s right, the Slayer.

See, right now you are doing one of two things.  Rolling your eyes or clapping your hands in unmitigated glee.  Because that show is a divisive topic.  But come on, it’s a great motivator for me, too!  Whatever your feelings about the crazy plots, the vampire love stories (Angel would slaughter  that glittery skinny-jeans-wearing Cullen boy), or the frequent visitors from other dimensions – you gotta admit, Buffy herself KICKED ASS.

Season 1 Buffy

Just look at her body transformation between season one and season two.  Sarah Michelle must have put some serious gym time in to garner those muscles.  And she only got leaner and meaner as the seasons wore on.  Her fight scenes certainly trump a lot of scenes I just watched in the Avengers.  (Although I was quite pleased with Black Widow’s bad-assedness.)  I cannot get through an episode of Buffy without wanting to pop in Kenpo or TurboFire.  No lie, I sometimes envision my little old self as the Slayer when I’m choppin’ through a martial arts-inspired sweat session.  (Remember that flag I spoke of?  Waving it nice and high right now.)  No wonder her butt was so firm.  High kicks and roundhouses will do that to ya.  (I still have a few more to go before my butt feels as Buffy-like as my imagination does.)

Season 7 Buffy
Faith was pretty badass too.

Plus, I love fitness with a purpose.  I know – all fitness has a purpose and that purpose is health.  And that’s great.  But I really enjoy the idea of the strength I’m creating and maybe one day using it to prevent the apocolypse.  Admittedly, I probably ought to take a martial arts class to up my chances of Slayer-dom.  So I’m looking into that.  For me, fitness is a journey.  I may have my soulmate workout all squared away, but it doesn’t mean I can’t branch out every now and again.  There’s always another level, and I’m always going to want to reach it.  My newest level?  Buffydom. 

**(Just in case you’re wondering what brought on the sudden Sunnydale attack, my daughter recently decided to start from the beginning of the series and work her way through to the end.  With some episodes saved for a later date, as I don’t believe she’s ready to learn – nor am I ready to explain – what exactly stole Angel’s soul.)

Then agan, Buffy wouldn’t have needed Angel to slaughter Edward…:)

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