Slight Variation…

Today marks Day One of Serious Spartan Training (to be henceforth knows as SST).  Serious for me, at least.  I have yet to reach the level of Beast that I do so long to reach, but I’m climbing the steps to get there.  So what did I do today, you ask?  I am gonna tell you.

Today I ran my fastest Short Loop EVER.  (The Short Loop, if you recall, is what Hubby and I have named the 3.7 mile circuit near our house.)  I ran that sucker in 33:52 using 9:1 intervals.  And to be completely honest, my body didn’t need those minute breaks.  My mind needed them just to keep things interesting and varied.  You see, that zen state where I forgo intervals just cannot be reached in a mere 33 minutes.  I need more than an hour, and today I did not have that kind of time.  (Or more importantly, that kind of water supply.  Once I was out there, I was very tempted to head out for the Medium Loop.  If I’d taken water, I wouldn’t be back yet.)  So anyway – back to my point…what was it again?  Oh yes!  I’m speedy!  Well, I’m speedy for me.  I averaged a 9:07 minute mile, well under my typical 10:30.  So that’s exciting.

I bet you’re thinking I was done after that.  But you’re wrong.  I ran right to the shade of our trees and did 50 static lunges on each leg.  Then I dropped and did 20 pushups.  Came inside, grabbed some water and a banana.  Did 12 burpees.  Now I’m done.  And I feel SPECTACULAR!  I love a new routine and I love kicking ass.  This totally works for me.  Which is really handy because I plan on doing some version of it three days a week until I start the Insanity Challenge.  (Speaking of which, I really need to come up with a cooler name for that.  Feel free to hit me with your ideas.)  I do believe I will require Hubby to hang that rope in the backyard so I can begin climbing practice after my runs.  Which means gloves to protect my dainty little paws…which means shopping…Oooh!  This IS a great day!

Less than a month to go until the Spartan.  Expect more posts like this one.  You know, extolling the awesomeness of me and my workouts.  I know, I know.  But it’s a variation on the theme.  Now I’m not just running, see?  Variety.  It’s the spice of a Fit Life.  Sprinkle some on your plate, why don’t ya?


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