Get Well Soon…

There are a few topics that get me all fired up.  Human rights abuses.  The obesity epidemic.  The continued existence of McDonald’s.  The last season of Roseanne.  But today’s topic is women bashing other women.  Whatever happened to sisterly solidarity?

Turns out, a lot of my female facebook friends are heavily entrenched in the fitness world.  Whether they instruct, compete, or simply work out to work out, they are lovin’ the Fit Life.  That makes this blogger smile from ear to ear.  It would seem, however, that it makes others grimace as though they have just eaten their own excrement.  So here’s my question: how come?

I have read multiple status updates from the Fit Gals detailing the rudeness of other women.  As in, they (the FG’s) are subjected to snide remarks for wearing workout clothing while on errands.  As though workout wear were akin to pasties and 4″ stillettos.  Let’s turn the tables for a moment, if only in our imaginations.  What if I told the woman with a mouthful of Big Mac that I found her abuse of Lycra offensive?  Because that is far more revealing than my compression shorts.  Or how about the woman complaining that sports bras are inappropriate (even when worn under zip up hoodies)?  I find your lack of support (as in, your bra is overtaxed by the enormous job you’ve given it) is leaving far too little to my imagination.  But those comments would be considered “discrimination.” 

Even more irritating are the nasty whispers about women who “strut.”  Her confidence does not have to undermine yours.  Her positive attitude is not an attack on your negative one.  Perhaps if you focused more on yourself and less on that proud and happy gal walking with her head high and shoulders back…well, perhaps you’d be able to find a reason to strut yourself.  If you can’t, would you mind just shutting up?  You’re ruining it for the rest of us.

And please…for your own safety…do not ever tell me to “eat a cheeseburger.”  If I want one, I’ll have one.  My diet is my choice.  If you’d rather I don’t tell you to “eat a salad, for health’s sake!” then I highly suggest you keep your misplaced comments to yourself.  See, you can tell the difference between “fit” and “skinny” if you would just take off your green-tinted glasses for a moment.  Even better…put down your cheeseburger and join us Fit Gals.  We’d genuinely love to have you.

I’m all about self-love no matter what your body type may be.  I love my curves and don’t plan on losing them.  But curves are one thing; a complete orb is another.  End the obesity trend and I bet your attitude toward Fit Gals will end as well.  You may even find yourself strutting right past that cheeseburger stand in your sports bra and running shorts, leaving a wake of jealous whispers and finger pointing behind your back. 


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