Let’s Go Crazy

Yesterday, the heavens parted and a special kind of golden light shone upon my back porch.  For there, in what to all others appeared an ordinary shipping box, sat my long-awaited Insanity DVD’s.  Listen…do you hear them?  The angels are singing a celebratory workout hymn.

Today, they shut up.  They couldn’t speak either.

Because, holy motherf*#kin’ SHIT.  (That’s me talking now, not the angels.)  That was the most incredibly difficult 45 minutes of my Fit Life.  I mean, even harder than when I worked out live with Shaun T in Bangor.  (No seriously, dude came to Bangor.  How crazy is that?)  The warmup was tougher than any Cardio X in its entirety.  So, yeah.  I’d say I’m gonna get my money’s worth.

I am drenched.  That is typical of any workout, as I tend to shine with effervescence after a simple stroll to the fridge.  (I have been informed this indicates a fitter Queen overall; my body is just awesomely efficient at cooling itself due to its recent upgrades in exercise.  I am so fit, in fact, that even my dogs wrinkle their noses if I get too close post-workout.  And Otis regularly sniffs his own farts with pleasure.)  I am also energetically EXHAUSTED.  By which I mean, I could not eke out a single extra burpee or pushup, but I still feel charged and AMAZING.  Make that AMAZING.  That was hard.  But I DID IT.  So, uh…boo to the YAH, my friends.

I am tremendously excited to discover just how much more efficiently I will be cooling myself when the 60 days is up.  My guess is, a single breath and I’ll need a new shirt.  But I’m also guessing I’ll be able to stop a bus with my abs. 

So I guess the only REAL question is…WHO’S WITH ME???  I mean, I will go it alone if I must…but then you’d all just be jealous of my relationship with Shaun T and your inferior body cooling system.  There’s a challenge group starting in just two weeks…I highly suggest you all go crazy and sign up. 


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