Three Little Words

When I first began shedding the baby weight, the questions started.  “How did you do it?” “Wow! What are you doing?”  Everyone and their sister wanted to know my “secret.”  And were sorely disappointed when my answer was simply “TurboFire.”  Because that wasn’t easy.  It meant they would actually have to put effort in to get results.  When I told them my ancient exercise secret, most were honest.  “Oh.  I was hoping for a magic pill of some sort.”  Seriously.  That, dear Readers, is a direct quote and a serious reply.  Arrrrggghhh!  It makes me just…well…CRAZY.

My response to “diet aids”

Partially because (cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye if I’m lyin’) I would continue to work out even if I had Giselle’s genetics.  (I’d still like them, so if she’s willing to hand ’em over, I get first dibs.)  I love the rush of a good workout, the feeling of accomplishment and hard work that only comes after I’ve given that session every drop of energy I’ve got.  I love the strength and the power I attain from training and the way it makes me feel like an athlete for that one to two hours every day.  I wouldn’t trade it.  And am continually baffled by those who find it more rewarding to sit on the couch with reality tv and a plate of the latest sugary Pinterest recipe.  You don’t have 60 minutes to devote to a better mood and better health????  Shutchermouth.  (No, really.  Shut it before that cookie gets in there.)

It also makes me CRAZY because people are still looking for that “magic pill.”  They’re like Ponce de Leon searching for that fountain of youth and beauty – which, by the way, is EXERCISE.  You want to look younger, stronger, leaner?  Sweat.  There’s your pill.  Problem is, you just don’t wanna swallow it.  I don’t care if the label reads “all natural.” Bottom line: it doesn’t work.  Often the main ingredients are caffeine and green tea.  Drink ’em.  Much cheaper, same benefits. 

They don’t even SPELL correctly!

 I am amazed at the effort and money spent on products that claim you don’t need to exercise or eat healthfully.  The time it takes you to drive to the store?  Walk around the block.  That money you just squandered on thinly veiled placebo?  You could have ordered Shakeology.

(Another reason to love Beachbody?  No empty promises or extra hype to make something more than it really is.  The programs work if you do them.  Shakeology is a supplement, not a cure all.)

Psst…wanna buy a pill?

Suddenly, it seems everywhere I turn I hear or see the Obesity Epidemic.  And I feel angered and saddened, especially when I see clearly overweight children with ice cream or bags of chips.  If you saw a malnourished child, thin and frail and weak…you’d be angry too.  You’d want to admonish or report that parent.  Overweight children are malnourished as well.  They will grow to be weak, out of breath, with poor heart function.  Just like their adult counterparts.  It’s a cycle, and our kids learn from us.  As parents, you love your children.  What do you want for them?

Let’s all say it together: “Decide.  Commit.  Succeed.”  Three little words.  Big results.  No magic, no pill.  You need willpower, effort, and sweat.  If I can do it, I know you can do it.  I know because I was lazy.  I was a chainsmoker, a junk food junkie, and a couch potato.  There was a time I couldn’t even jog a slow mile.  Go ahead, ask me how I got from there to here.  I’d love to tell you.

If you’re buying a diet pill, may I also interest you in this fat-reducing bridge?


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