Face in the Dirt

I knew it was coming…

Yesterday was our annual family reunion/Fourth of July pool party.  We gather each year at my cousin’s lovely home to wreak havoc on their lawn, pool, and downstairs bathroom.  Food abounds in all varieties: desserts, grilled burgers and weiner meats, various noodled salads, baked beans, and even fresh fruits and veggies.  I had my food all planned out before we even left the house: tropical strawberry Shakeology, my own selections of berries and organic snacks, and lots of water.  To make food decisions even easier on myself, I donned my brand spankin’ new stars-and-stripes bikini.  Started the day with a lovely flat belly and I was gonna finish with it, too.

The first appearance

Oh, but this year…this year my darling cousin prepared DIRT.  Now, if you have never seen nor tasted dirt, consider yourself both damned and incredibly blessed.  For once you taste this sweet nectar, you can never un-taste it and the addiction will be forever yours.  A creamy blend of whipped cream, vanilla pudding, cream cheese, and crushed Oreos, it is oh-so-easily scooped and devoured.  Sometimes, even three servings are not enough.  Not even when you have planned so very carefully and even told others to NOT DO THIS.  I actually posted a warning for moments such as these on my Facebook fan page (SweatItOut…there’s a link right over there…go ahead and “like” it and have even more fun stalking me).  Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remembered my pious ways.  But my tastebuds and my belly had missions of their own.


Alas, to make matters worse, it seemed everyone had cameras.  And it seemed that whenever said cameras were focused on me, my belly wanted all the attention.  Perhaps to showcase its precious and ever-expanding food baby.  In only one shot did my distended abdomen get upstaged: when a photo was snapped from behind and my ass said, “Hey! I’m not in great shape yet either!”

My ass would not be ignored.

OH. MY. HORROR.  I suppose I could shrink into myself if there was any room left next to the cheeseburgers (the dirt sent me spiraling…one helping of it and I was Alice falling into the rabbit hole, grabbing at anything that said “Eat me.”).  Or…OR…I could use this as more motivation.  Yes, I was not as gorgeous as I had hoped.  I was not as steadfast as I had planned.  But I am farther than I was.  No more double chin.  No more triceps waving goodbye long after my hand has stopped.  And my ass is at least higher than in previous summer photos.  And, really, I think my back looks pretty darn good. 

At least I drank water…

Plus, now I am even more motivated for my Insanity Challenge Group.  I am expecting big results, and I’m clear about what my goals are now.  I will have to work hard, both at the food table and with the workouts, but I like that.  I live for that shit.  I will not be deterred.  So, yes, I am also beginning my 30-day Fitness Photo challenge today.  Which means I am supposed to submit either a bathing suit or a before shot to my fan page.  I say, why not both?  It’ll be a two-in-one, because I plan on taking that next bathing suit shot in 30 days and seeing yet another transformation.  This project is not finished yet.


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