Truth in Advertising

Truth. If you do Insanity over and over, you will get different results.

So I just finished another round of Insanity.  Dripping does not begin to describe the torrential downpour of perspiration I got goin’ on right this moment.  (Yes, I sit in my nasty ass workout gear to write my blogs.  Just be thankful you’re reading this from afar.)  And endorphins?  They are RAGING.  I hate to break it to TurboFire, and I will never forget my first love…but…I FREAKIN’ LOVE THIS WORKOUT. 

I will swear on a stack of Women’s Health magazines, this is by far my favorite workout I have encountered thus far.  More than TurboFire.  More than…dare I say…running?  Yep.  I love that I’m typically done in under an hour and I have nothing more to give at the end of the stretch.  I love that my arms are wobbly and my thighs are aching.  I love knowing I get to do it all again tomorrow.  That’s the insane part, I suppose.

I feel some extra pride today because I got through the warmup just a tad easier than the first day and didn’t begin modifications until well over halfway through today’s session.  Progress already!  The kiddos watched in amazement as puddles of sweat formed under my body during the pushup drills.  They did not speak; they were too afraid.  (Rules at our house: unless someone is bleeding, not breathing, or unconscious, no one is to try to engage Mama in conversation whilst she is working out.  The penalty for such transgressions is joining Mama in said workout.) 

I am brimming with excitement for the Let’s Go Crazy Challenge Group.  I can’t wait to share this workout and see what the challengers think of it.  I especially can’t wait to see Hubby’s arms after a few weeks of this…Mmmmhmmm.  ….what was I talking about?  Oh, yes!  My challenge group and my high hopes for them!  There is NO WAY to fail with this program.  If you do it, you will see results.  I love that.  Truth in advertising is so rare.

So join us, won’t you???  Get your sweat on, commiserate and brag with us, and tell your friends to get tickets to the gun show you’re hosting in 60 days.  If you were waiting for the right moment, I’m here to tell you to STOP.  Because the moment is NOW.

Welcome to the gun show…

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