I Feel Like I’m Taking Crazy Pills!

I believe we’ve covered this already, but I suppose it bears repeating.


And stop with anything that says, “You don’t even have to exercise! Eat anything you desire!”  I am only telling you this because I care about you.  True story.

You don’t have to buy any of my outstanding Beachbody products to get in shape (although they sure do make it clear cut and simple).  You don’t have to visit a nutritionist or a trainer.  The information is all out there, in magazines, on the web, in books.  Eat right.  Exercise.  That’s it.  The information doesn’t change – no matter how badly you may want it to.  Fit takes effort.  Healthy takes commitment.  You’re either willing…or you’re not.

I do try to be understanding about these things.  I was once in your shoes.  Desperate for a change and demanding it be quick.  I also used to dream of having my very own unicorn and marrying Jordan Knight.  We have fantasy and we have reality.  A lot of the time, they don’t mesh.  You can choose to cry into your triple-thick shake or salt your fries with your tears…or you can buck the hell up and actually DO something about your situation.  Something long-term with lasting results.

You know why I signed on as a Beachbody coach in the first place?  Get ready, because it’s all shmaltz.  The programs I used CHANGED MY LIFE.  There was no pandering, no “girly” workout toned down to make it more marketable.  Its marketability was the toughness.  And for the first time in my love/hate relationship with fitness, I was truly challenged and I LOVED it.  So I became a coach, because I believe that strongly in the programs and the products.  And I wanted to help others reach the level of fitness I am still striving for. 

You won’t ever find me wandering the “diet aids” aisle in the pharmacy again.  You won’t see SlimFast in my refrigerator.  If you want to locate me, look in my living room, where I’m currently training harder than I ever have.  Look on the backroads near my home, where I run faster than I ever have.  Look in the organic and produce aisles, where I shop smarter than I ever have.  Or look for me next to my kids on the playground, at the pool, on the hiking trails…instead of sitting off to the side, puffing away on a smoke.  If this overweight, chainsmoking, fast-food grubbing gal can turn herself into a lean, mean, vegetable-eating machine…EVERYONE CAN. 

You think you have an excuse?  I’d love to hear it.  Message me via my fan page on Facebook (also SweatItOut – link to your right).  Let’s chat.  I can’t promise I’ll respond the way you want me to, but I can promise I’ll respond the way you need me to.


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