I Prefer the Term "Sanity Challenged"

I would very much like you to ask me about my workout today.  *pausingpolitely*  Okay, I’m going to assume you took that moment to wonder aloud, “I wonder how her workout went today?”  To which I quickly reply, “FANFREAKINTABULOUS!”

No, seriously!  I am now regularly making it through warmups without pausing to catch my breath (yes, the warmup is that intense).  I am even moving faster during said warmups than I was two weeks ago.  And today I made it through a good 33 minutes before I began any modifications.  My arms are doing the impossible – becoming even more gorgeous than they already were.  I know.  I didn’t think that could happen, either.  Turns out, we were all wrong. 

I have these fabulous little cuts between my biceps and triceps, a darling little v-formation taking place.  It’s okay to be jealous, but you don’t have to be.  Because you can get them too!  Fo’ realz, yo.  (I speak incredibly embarassing minivan-mom gangsta when I feel all badass about my workouts.  Fo’ rizzle.)  Click on that link over there IMMEDIATELY and order up some Insanity.  I say IMMEDIATELY because that challenge group I keep obsessing over starts on Sunday.  If you show up late, we’ll still take you, but you’re gonna feel all awkward and out of step.  So you’d better just move your mouse a little faster and start clickin’.

Day 12: Sweat

ANYWAY…back to ME.  I am so incredibly AWESOME.  Today felt like a 10-mile run kinda high, when I just need to babble on and on about my faboo workout, how strong I am, and what sort of changes I noted in my body and my ability…but alas, Hubby went to work today.  Damn him!  I tried being all loud and “Holy CRAP! That was certainly impressive of me!” so the kids would ask, but they were only concerned as to when we would be reaching the cool waters of the public pool.  Of course, that did not stop me from pointing at my sweat and posing for photos I made them take.  Solely for the purpose of keeping up with my Fit Photo Challenge, of course.  It had nothing whatsoever to do with my endorphin rush or infatuation with how muscular I looked in my new Beachbody tshirt. 

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s workout to see how much I’ve improved there.  And I can’t wait to see me at the end of the 60 days with my challenge group.  I just have a feeling Hubby will have to start wearing oven mitts…’cause I’m gonna be H-O-T.

PS: Here’s what I did for days 9 through 11:

Day 9: Proud.  I am proud of my events, my progress, having my nutrition in check, and just plain proud of ME.

Day 10: My Accountability.  When it all comes right down to it, ain’t nobody doin’ it but me.  No one can make me press play and no one can force me to do floor sprints till I wanna cry. 

Day 11: Stretch.  As fit as I have become, I still have a really difficult time slowing down for an extended stretch session.  But I refuse to skip it because I know the vast array of benefits it provides.  So a-stretching I will go.

Stay tuned for the rest of the month…


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