Selling Point

What’s life like after the Spartan Race, you ask?

Much the same. Awesome.

The SweatItOut Screamin’ Spartans are already training for 2013.  I am on Day 3 of the Let’s Get Crazy Insanity Challenge Group.  Hubby is on Day 3 of his P90X Challenge Group, Horton’s Heroes.  I am setting up next month’s Chalene Johnson Challenge Group.

And it’s time to start training for the Runner’s World Trifecta in October.

Why? Because I love it.  It makes me feel good, mentally and physically.  This is my raison d’etre.  Well, this and So You Think You Can Dance.  And only one of those will change when How I Met Your Mother comes back for another season.  I am fully entrenched and committed to this lifestyle.

Do you know that when I walk in my closet now, I no longer run my fingers over clothes that I wish I could wear?  Everything fits now.  There is no desperate search, no trying on and rejecting, no sweaty, tear-filled proclamation that “I have nothing to wear!”  (Shoes, slightly different.  Although I recently decided to not care what anyone else thought of my missing toenails.  I’m a runner and an athlete.  If you can pull your eyes away from these abs and biceps to look at my toes, have at it.)

I don’t feel guilty when I eat the occasional treat anymore.  Even when it’s more than occasional.  Because I know I’m going to kick my own ass in to a gear so high, not even a wedge of chocolate cake will have time to settle in.  Of course, my body typically craves fruits and veggies and fish now, so treats have changed. 

Last summer, I searched for board shorts and capris.  This summer, I found myself shopping amongst the “shortie shorts,” as my daughter and I call them.  These quad muscles are too fierce to hide away.  I would be sad when fall comes if I didn’t know that my newer, higher butt was going to look oustanding in some new jeans. 

Join me, won’t you?  You know where to find me by now (Facebook, Team Beachbody, hotmail, twitter, linkedin…).  Challenge group or no challenge group, you still get me.  And there’s my selling point. 


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