Loading My Plate

This is what’s on my plate (almost literally) for the weekend:

Insanity workouts.
Vegetarian shopping (with added chicken and fish for Hubby and the babe).
Closet organization (which has little to do with my FitLife, but is quite high on my priority list right now).
Date with the Werewolf (at the very top of the list).

So, yes…some of these are obvious pieces to my FitLife journey, others maybe not so obvious.  I’m guessing I don’t need to explain Insanity whatsoever.  But I’m also guessing a few of you may be curious as to how exactly that is going.  Um…AWESOME.  (In my head, I hear an old cheer we used to use: “A-W-E! S-O-M-E! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome, are WE!” Good.  Now you hear it too.)  I didn’t take an extra break until I hit minute 34, and it was because my shoulders gave out, not my lungs.  Upper body has always been my toughest area to tackle, but I’m soldiering right through.  Next week, the goal is 35 minutes.  It WILL happen.

And I promised I would explain further my wading in the vegetarian pool.  I’ve been wrestling with it on an emotional level for quite some time, but what finally tipped the scales was a picture that caught my eye on Pinterest.  It caught my eye because it was a photo of my favorite, dreamiest Beatle, Sir Paul.  And the quote got me.  So, enough with the meat.  I have gone this route before, but fell off the meatless wagon.  Something tells me this time, it’ll stick.  I’d bet my boots the support this time around will be a thousandfold of what existed before.  So thanks in advance to my meatless pals. 

Closet organization really does fit in, I swear!  My mind is clearer when my spaces are uncluttered.  The closet is the first in a long line of “re-do’s” around the M&M Estate.  Partially because I simply am done with the every-morning frustration of sorting through clothing to find something that fits (this time, because it’s all gotten too big! Woot!).  Partially because I tend to do my workouts earlier in the day when I don my sports bras and shorts first thing, which in turn leads to a generally more productive day.  See?  Told you there was logic and connection.  You really ought to believe me when I say stuff.

The date with the Werewolf? you ask.  Where does that fit?  It’s good for Mama’s mental health, for one.  There is no one else on the planet that can make me laugh like that boy can, nor is there an easier-goin’ creature in this household.  He is an easy person to be around, and I have come to appreciate easy people.  And for two, he’s shopping with me to gather those vegetarian foodstuffs.  I always view grocery trips with kiddos as lessons in nutrition and money.  So we’ll have some good convo on both topics and he will (I hope) come away with a greater understanding of our shifting diet and how to best budget our cash flow at Wegmans.

That’s what’s on my plate today.  What are you filling yours with?


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