No Excuses

As I sit here and shiver through a layer of salt and sweat, I cannot help but be reminded of just how incredible I am.  Today was Cardio Resistance – lots of power moves, lots of upper body work.  It may be hard for you to hear this, but…my upper body is not as strong as I would like.  I know.  I know.  It saddens me too.  But that’s why we work on it!  Well, that’s why I work on it and then you read about it later.  Weak muscles are not an excuse to stop; they are a reason to press on!

So when I began this program, I could not do a single moving pushup.  Rewind, and let me explain.  If you were to find me at any other point during my day and ask me to give you a good set of moving pushups, I could fairly easily do so.  But when Shaun T demands them at the end of Cardio Resistance, I am already spent from globe jumps, power squats, v-pushups, and the like.  My lil ol’ shoulders are at failure.  So up until today, I was modifying with regular or (gag!) “girly” pushups.  Again, I know.  My head hangs in shame.  Or it would…if I hadn’t actually DONE those moving pushups today.  It’s okay…your applause is welcome here.  Clap away!

I did ’em.  I had to take breaks, but I did ’em.  And I followed with the ever dreaded floor sprints.  Normally, my shoulders and arms are so taxed by that point that I simply cannot hold my sweaty self up.  Normally, I modify by doing standing mountain climbers.  Normally, I am slightly disappointed in my weak upper body.  Today, I was not normal.  (Hahaha.  Shut it.)  Today, I am about to bust outta my sneakers with pride.  It’s working!  It’s paying off!  Rope Climb 2013, here I come!!!! I may just knock that damn bell OFF instead of ringing it when I reach the top. 

I feel good.  I can barely keep my hands from sliding off the keyboard and have no idea how I’m going to wash my hair, but I feel good.  I DID IT. 


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