Pay It Forward

My upline coach sent me this nifty little bracelet she received at the Beachbody Coach Summit in Vegas.  Bright orange with equally bright blue letters that spell out “Commit to pay it forward.”  It was sent to me because she was proud of me for bringing on another coach and taking that next step towards Emerald. 

And yes, from the outside, I can see how that may all sound a tad cheesy or silly.  But from where this ever-fitter gal sits, that sounds like goals accomplished and a bright shiny future.  And paying it forward is why I started coaching in the first place.  I found my passion – sharing a love of fitness and the knowledge that each one of us can do positively incredible things when we decide and commit. 

Not much more than two years ago, I was in a rut.  A smelly, unattractive, gluttonous rut.  I smoked close to two packs a day.  My food was generally breaded, fried, or smothered in gravy or icing.  Chances that I actually prepared my food were on the very low side.  I climbed the stairs and felt winded.  I watched the kids play while I puffed my PFunks and pondered where we would order from that night.  Our shelves were fully stocked with PopTarts, multi-colored cereals, and boxes of neon macaroni-and-cheese.  Okay – I’ve gotta stop now, because I wanna vomit.

My third pregnancy took care of the smoking, just as each pregnancy had done before.  I desperately wanted to remain a quitter this time – and I did.  I credit that late-night informercial moment when I first laid eyes on Chalene and TurboFire. 

That singular program was exactly what I needed.  Not only was it fun, not only did I find myself looking forward to that hour every day…It pushed me to fitness levels I never thought I’d reach.  Which in turn made me wonder what MORE I could do.  So when my niece challenged me to run a half marathon with her, despite not being a runner…I said yes.  And for the first time, I began training specifically for an event.  This lit a fire under me and was that fire ever HOT!

I started looking at my nutrition; I began signing up for other events.  I tried new and harder Beachbody programs.  I felt a confidence I had not felt…well, perhaps ever.  I took the plunge and purchased my coaching kit.  And whether you believe me or not, I did it more to pay that feeling forward than to line my wallet. 

What I did not expect was the immediate welcoming of the Beachbody community.  But these people are encouraging and happy and also on a path to share a passion for fitness.  They have had the same successes and the same epiphanies.  So my story is not unique here, which makes me love my new job even more.

But of course I want to be a successful coach.  I also have confidence that I WILL be a successful coach.  I decided to do it and I am committed to doing it…so I will succeed in doing it.  Two ways to further that goal?  Push my workouts harder and up my nutrition even more. 

Do you see the cycle?  Do you see how true fitness can affect every other part of your life?  I mean, seriously…look at me now.  Smoke free.  Down three sizes.  Cooking my own freakin’ applesauce.  I shit you not.  I made my own applesauce.  And my own energy bars.  And a seriously fabulous Mexican lasagna.  All vegetarian, all made in my kitchen.  Know what else I did today?  Insanity Pure Cardio.  I killed that sucker.  And if I wanted to, I could take those stairs two at a time and not feel a thing. 

A dear friend from college thanked me today and left this quote on my Facebook profile:
“When the student is ready, the right teacher will appear. -” anonymous. She meant me.  And she’s not the first, nor do I believe she is the last.  I am doing what I set out to do – spread the word.  Think of me as an evangelical fitness enthusiast.  The best part?  I am just as proud of her accomplishments as I am of my own.  I know how hard she’s worked and I’ve seen how far she’s come.  I feel lucky that she is making me a part of that. 

So life is good.  I’ve got some big dreams and bigger ideas to bring to fruition.  But they all stem from that commitment to paying it forward.  Some things just don’t change.


2 thoughts on “Pay It Forward

  1. LOVE this! You are amazing Coach…Miller….Queenie….whatever other names you have been given. Most importantly, I call you FRIEND. xo

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