Mom, Interrupted

Mornings at our humble Estate begin this way: the babe cries to alert me to his full diaper and dissatisfaction with location.  I grope my way blindly to his crib, correct problem #1 and transfer him to our bed, thereby correcting problem #2.  I typically crawl back in for a snuggle while we catch up on the previous night’s installment of The Colbert Report and The Daily Show.  (Look at me, a news junkie…) 

You can see why I get excited…

Now, if you’ve read previous posts (which of course, you HAVE) you know that I spent much of last summer and winter prepping for my marathon by rising early for lengthy runs.  So now that I’ve moved on to Insanity, that’s continued…or not…because actually, I have been sweatin’ away during nap time.  Much less chance of interruption by children who expect to be fed or dogs that confuse linoleum with lawn. 

This morning, now…this morning…a fellow Insanity challenger tagged me in her Facebook post and that got me all kinds of antsy for my workouts (I have one to make up from yesterday as my own dear mama was up for a visit).  I stopped Colbert mid-snarkiness, put on actual clothes and started my coffee (which I needed to deal with those lawn-confused mutts and their own status updates all over my floor).  Hubby even settled the babe in with Elmo and the gang, so things were lookin’ good. 

Then Hubby took a shower.  Damn him!  The babe became quite upset; the mutts desired a chance to defecate outside; I discovered itty bitty ants all around my kitchen sink; dishes needed done; the 6-year-old awoke…Damn it all to hell! 

I am currently baking banana bread and writing my blog.  Two things I can do whilst also running the household and cursing my lack of a full staff here at the M&M Estate.

It smells delicious.

But here’s my point: I could say “To hell with it!” and climb back under the covers and snuggle on this incredibly stormy and gray day – and at some point, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll find me and three little monkeys watching The Sandlot or Princess Bride.  HOWEVER – you will also find me (at some point, hopefully around 11 or 12) doing push-up jacks, power squats, and the like.  Because I WILL NOT ALLOW a thing like “life” to get in the way of my fitness goals. 

See, that’s the excuse I am always hearing, more than any other.  (Except maybe motivation.  But then I just say, “Read my blog” and people get all transformed and shit.)  “I don’t have the tiiii-iiiime.”  That word – TIME – is nearly always said with a whiiiiiiiine, so right away, I am irritated.  Whiners and pansies are right at the top of my “No Way, Uh-Uh List.”  I don’t hang with ’em.  You wanna complain about your dissatisfaction – I’ll listen.  But if I offer you ideas, if I offer you solutions – and then you prattle on searching for MORE reasons to NOT handle your shit…well, let’s just say we probably won’t be talking much after that.  You may be talking, but I will have stopped listening and begun contemplating the lint between my toes.

There’s a difference between having the time and making the time.  You either want it or you don’t.  If you don’t, that’s your choice.  But don’t come crying to a FitGal with your scheduling woes.  I currently manage the lives of four other people and two furpeople (no one can manage a cat, so I won’t even include those arrogant balls of fluff).  At any point on any given day, I am breaking up fights, disinfecting surfaces, laundering, cooking, planning, chauffering, shopping (and not the fun kind, so wipe that smirk off your face), nursing, organizing, or supervising…but that’s every parent (or should be – don’t even get me started!).  I’m not unique in my overpacked days – and NEITHER ARE YOU.  So save your sad story for your Facebook status.  (And please, make it vague and slightly dramatic so you get lots of attention).  I am actually too busy to listen.


2 thoughts on “Mom, Interrupted

  1. TIME. Was always my biggest excuse. I CAN'T get up at 530am. Um. Yeah. I can. Been doin it for 2 weeks now. And SURPRISE SURPRISE i am MORE energetic during the day than if I slept that extra hour and a half. I want to spend time with my kid…..guess what….if he is still asleep (doesn't ALWAYS happen….but more times than not he is snoozin away) I CAN WORK OUT. And when he wakes, that lil SPartan is ALLLLLLL MINNNNNNEEEEEE. Kisses and hugs galore. Work out done. And chances are, I am sneakin another one in during nap time. Getting up early has given me SO MUCH MORE.

  2. This is what I keep trying to tell people!!!! If I could have my choice, 5:30 am would be my prime time to work out. Just waitin' on Hubby's ankle to heal up so I can get back in that early morning zone.

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