A Skinny Girl No More

Know what this FitGal just can’t hold anymore?  Her liquor.

That’s right.  I said it.  I overdrank.  Went to a party to celebrate what’s known in these parts as the “Big Time.”  Which is actually very small time, but with lots of alcohol and Italian deliciousness.  The food – not a problem.  I’m finding that vegetarianism is an incredibly easy transition for me.  Just like that workout switch flipped for me way back when, the meatless switch has been flipped as well.  So no biggie there.

The alcohol – problem.  See, I totally forgot that I haven’t had a drink since…well…it’s been a really long time.  I don’t typically indulge at home or when we go out to dinner (which is a fairly infrequent occurrence in and of itself), nor do I join in every time we head out to a gathering.  It’s just not my “thing” anymore.  But on this occasion, Hubby was nice enough to grab me two bottles of Skinny Girl in brand new flavors – and that stuff doesn’t even taste like alcohol. 

But it is.

I felt great for about an hour…and then AWFUL for the next twenty-four.  I know everyone praying to the porcelain gods makes the same promise, but I can swear to you now on my new Adidas TR 170’s…NEVER AGAIN. 

I spent a good deal of yesterday in recovery mode.  Missed my scheduled fit test.  Barely left the bed.  Drank a Dr. Pepper.  And it got me thinking very seriously about how I had just treated the body I typically handle with such care.  I mean, what had I gained from this?

The answer was clear: absolutely nothing.  I would have had a fabulous time anyway, and I would have had it longer.  I would have completed my fit test on schedule (instead of having to double up my workouts today).  I would have gotten lots of chores out of the way, done my weekly food prep, and spent more quality time with the monkeys.  No drink tastes so good that I would trade all of that. 

So this once hard-partyin’, holdin’-her-liquor Queen isn’t goin’ soft.  No…I’m just adding another segment in my FitLife.  Turns out, I am so careful about what I put into my body on a regular basis that it just can’t tolerate when I throw it a curve ball.

But guess what?  I actually feel really great about that.  I don’t drink enough to miss it, nor do I need that crutch in a social situation.  So I’m good.  I’m sure I’ll face some backlash here and there.  But I hit that at every step, I’ve found.  Some were irritated by my zest for exercise.  Then it was the lean diet.  Now the vegetarianism.  Soon, it’ll be my alcohol-free state. 

Screw ’em.  I am solid in my decision and I know my body will thank me. 

Besides, I find life so more fun when my face isn’t hanging over toilet water.  Don’t you?


4 thoughts on “A Skinny Girl No More

  1. I haven't touched alcohol since October of 2011. And honestly I don't miss it. So I figure why tempt fate! Thank you for once again educating me and allowing me to learn from you!And–for the record….I WONDERED WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU YESTERDAY!!! I got zero encouragement from you on my fit test. I almost felt slighted. Now I know the truth….skinny girl WHOOPED YOUR A$$!!!!

  2. True story! I felt awful not logging in and doling out CHF's…but I felt even more awful when I moved. Never again and not lookin' back! There's bigger and better things ahead!

  3. Lesson learned. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your defeat to teach us! Wise are you Yoda. Always better things ahead. Ya know, a friend was trying to get me to drink it up a few days ago. And boy, would I LOVE to drink it up and act a fool (maybe someday….I may need to learn the hard way….) But I am on this natural high now from my energy, my self esteem, my self worth. I don't need that to fuel me anymore. I have so much more confindence that alcohol could NEVER give me. And its constant. All day. Every day. Not a few hours at night with punishment the next morning.

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