Challenge Completed!

Well, here we are.  The 30-Day FitPhotoChallenge is complete.  And I have the photographic evidence to prove it.

Day 24: Workout Music

Day 24 was Workout Music.  Now, this is just the top of my favorite running playlist, but of course it contains a handful of my favorites.  You can add these to your “I Got Fitness And I Know It” playlist if you so desire.  Thank me later.

I got a tad sidetracked for a number of days, then cheated on my catchup by lumping three days into one photo (and one glorious fitness shopping spree! Weeeeee!).  The photos needed were: TryingSomethingNew, Fitness Shoes, and Addicted.  I am quite obviously an Insanity junkie, so that one was impossibly easy. 

Days 25-27

The shoes…well, I was in quite desperate need of some new crosstrainers (for Insanity…it’s all one big cyclical thing here, folks), so Hubby and I schlepped the kids over to Aardvark and grabbed another pair.  I’m sticking with the Asics Gel TR 170’s, just switching up my colors (oooh!aaaah! Coral!).  Unless they come out with a newer and cushier version, this is my shoe.  I’m on my third pair and the love has yet to fade. 

As for TryingSomethingNew…well, I got TWO in one photo.  I snagged my new vegetarian cookbooks (recipes and cooking are coming along slowly, but pretty well, despite what my children may tell you) and I’ve been trying new dishes every day.  But what I am amazingly excited about is my new Polar heart rate monitor!!!!!  I fully realize that only the deepest of fitness crazies will understand my unbridled enthusiasm at tracking my heart rate and thereby calories burned…but that doesn’t even begin to dampen said enthusiasm.  I LOVE MY MONITOR.  I may need to print up a tshirt or maybe a bumper sticker.  Everyone else hearts their dogs, their kids, their spouse…I heart my monitor.  It kept me pushing and I felt an immense satisfaction seeing my effort there on my wrist in readable text.  I highly recommend strapping one on.  (MON-IT-OR.  Strap on a monitor.  Perverts.)

Day 28: Protein

So then we had Day 28: Protein.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  I get my jolt of protein every morning whilst enjoying my delicious Shakeology.  Plugplugplug, advertiseadvertiseadvertise.  But for reals, yo.  Git summa dis.

Day 29: Love/Hate.  I both love my newfound healthy diet – it makes me feel and look fantabulous – but I hate cooking.  I try to find the joy of cooking, but it does not seem to be my area of expertise.  I have no fluidity in the kitchen.  BUT – I can muddle through with it knowing the vast rewards I’ll be reaping.  And until I can afford my very own Vitamix, I’ll just keep chopping and blending my fit lil’ heart out.

Day 29: Love/Hate

Now, then…Day 30.  I did it!  I made it through the entire 30 days of the FitPhotoChallenge! Woohoo!  And I’m stronger, leaner, tougher, healthier, FITTER.  Look at me!  That body is the body of an Insanity-doin’, vegetarian-eatin’, fitness-gear-usin’ MACHINE. 

Day 30: 30 Days Later

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: you don’t have to hate!  Don’t be jealous!  JOIN ME!  Tomorrow, over at the Facebook SweatItOut, we are beginning the AugustAbsChallenge, a new move for every day of the month.  I may have kicked alcohol to the curb, but you’d better believe I’ll be bustin’ a six pack by August 30. 

…or show it off with sports bras and compression shorts…


2 thoughts on “Challenge Completed!

  1. LOVE IT!!!Inspiration at its finest. You are ONE HOT MAMA!!!!I can't wait to strap it on. My monitor. MONITOR. Minds outta the gutter….sheesh people!

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