Do More, Indeed.

What have I gotten myself into today?  Lemme tell ya.

It’s the first of the month, so automatically that means two things.  1: My TurboLEAN Challenge Group kicks off today!  Love new challenge groups, love all things Chalene, love my challengers!  Automatic motivation boost.  2.  Today ALSO means the start of the SweatItOut AugustAbsChallenge, which includes a new ab move for every day of the month.  Keep in mind that I’m also not only leading but partaking in the Let’s Get Crazy Insanity group and doing my best to boost training morale over at the SweatItOut Screamin’ Spartans.  How am I doing that, you ask?  Lemme tell ya.

Today, I have thrown down a gauntlet for the Screamin’ Spartans and my Insaniacs: do the Spartan Training workout of the day.  No problem, right?  Only today is Buck Furpee Day.  That means 300 burpees over the course of the day.  Fun stuff!  And they took the bait, so we’re off and running.  WOOHOO and OOO-RA!

Now, about that AugustAbsChallenge (to be henceforth referred to as the AAC).  I briefly toyed with the idea of starting off slowly with a simple move like crunches to failure.  But…it just felt so vanilla and blah.  I’m much more in the mood for…THE HUNDRED.  Could be the endorphins coursing through my sweaty self after busting out Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs.  Could be the energy rush from a little E&E Formula I drank during my workout.  Could be that it’s just the first of the month and that always sounds appealing and clean-slate-ish to me.

Or it could be that I like to jump first and look later.

Because I also forgot that today is the sumo squat “like” challenge for my TurboLEAN gals.  You know, because I like to charge headfirst.  Never mind that wall that I’m bound to crash into sometime this afternoon (or, I hope, this evening.  Big day today – I got a new fridge comin’!). 

So let’s rehash that, shall we?  Go over my SweatItOut checklist for the day.

1.  Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs – We can check this one off.  Done, finished, finito, BAM.
2.  AugustAbsChallenge – the hundred.  About to bang this one out as soon as I finish writing all about it. 

True story.

3.  Buck Furpee Day – the plan is sets of 30 throughout the day, but I am gonna make a valiant attempt to kill ’em all as soon as possible.  Because I am ever aware of that wall…
4.  Sumo Squat Challenge – this could go all day, as long as people keep “liking” my photo.  But hey, I wanted to work on my lower body, right?  These thighs will make mincemeat outta that sumo.

Cute, ain’t he?

And there you have it.  August 1.  So, uh…what are your workout plans for today?


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