My Bucket Runneth Over

Everyone’s always talking, pinning, writing about their Bucket Lists.  I think I even made one myself after I saw the movie, but can’t remember much of what went on it.  I vaguely recall returns to skydiving, New Orleans, and Savannah – but there had to be more to it than that, right?  I mean, where’s the marathons?  The mud races? OH, RIGHT.  That was way back before my FitLife.  Looks like it’s time for a revamp. 

So what’s my Bucket List look like now?  Full to overflowing, I’d say.

1.  Complete the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in DisneyWorld, dressed in full costume.  Because I love that little smartass fairy.
2.  Complete the ToughMudder and the Spartan without doing any burpees, because I hate those little smartass moves.
3.  Try my hand at freelancing, because people love reading my smartass blog posts.
4.  Get my certifications in order and create a fitness empire.  (I’m done with the smartass theme now.)
5.  Turn Hubby into a fitness-lovin’ machine.  I know he’s got it in him somewhere.
6.  Run a 5k with my kids.  Not stroll through downtown Philly or Bethlehem, but actually run.  Without complaints.  Or whining.  Okay, this may be the most difficult item to cross off my list.
7.  Go white water rafting.
8.  Learn to ski properly and perhaps even give snowboarding a go.
9.  Take some fitness classes – hot yoga, martial arts, you name it, I wanna do it.
10.  Corral these lovely little posts into coherent essays and put ’em in a book.

And that’s just a TASTE of my goals.  I sat down to write this list and thought, “What would I try if I knew I couldn’t fail?”  Here’s ten things.  And every one of ’em gets my blood pumpin’ and my adrenal glands goin’.  Why?  Because they all involve some form of fitness – whether its mental or physical.  A year ago, I wouldn’t have imagined I would be able to do the things I now do on a daily basis.  So I’m learning that there’s no reason to limit myself.  What fun are limitations anyway?

The down-and-dirty of it is a simple daily to-do list.  Pick one of these, break it down into little itty bitty goals, and suddenly – the scary is not to be found.  The impossible has turned into I AM POSSIBLE.  (Would you like some cheese on your blog today? Why, yes, thank you!)  Sometimes, the focus is lacking.  I’m the first to admit day-to-day can muscle in on the lofty dreams of even this most dedicated FitGal.  I can blame the kids, the pets, the anemia, the house…but really, at the center of the blame game, it’s just me.  I choose how to allot the majority of my time (some things can’t be helped, like ER trips for splinters in a werewolf’s butt – true and funny story, but for another time).  So if my dreams aren’t getting closer, that’s on me. 

I started this blog back in February, I believe.  That first post was frightening.  Putting it out there with the assumption that people would want to read anything I wrote seemed cocky, plus what if it wasn’t good, wasn’t entertaining?  I know.  I’m laughing at my February Self, too.  OF COURSE it was good.  OF COURSE it was entertaining.  That’s why we’re still here together, right?  Because I just get wittier and more motivating EVERY SINGLE DAY.  What’s my point, you ask?  (As if I needed one.  It’s my blog, after all.  Sheesh.)  My point is this: you forge past the intimidating and accomplish one goal, suddenly the others don’t seem so far out of reach.  In fact, they downright look like nosy next-door neighbors peering in your front windows, they’re so close. 

Invite ’em in, take the scary out.  They may be crazy, sure, but that’s half the fun.  And I so don’t want to be lying on my bed at age 99 wondering what else I could have done.  I want to be too busy pushing through to notice that my face was just plastered on the Morning Show for making it 100.


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