Me, Myself, and I(ron)

Ah, anemia…just when I forget all about you, there you are, tugging at my ankles and weighing them down, laying your weight across my quads and my biceps, turning my shoulders and neck to lead.  I loathe you…

It’s one of those on-again, off-again relationships, and I am so much happier and so much more me when it’s off again.  I’ve been pretty religious about taking my iron supplements and eating more spinach than Popeye could fit in both biceps, but the last few days have seen me sliding ever-so-ungracefully out from beneath the covers and lurching through my day.  I wish I could say through my workouts, but today was my first sweat session in three days.  Just in case you’re unaware, that’s kind of unheard of around these parts.  This is a gal who likes to get her sweat on.

My plan had been to readjust to those pre-dawn workouts, pretty much my only guaranteed time to be all alone with Shaun T or grab an outdoor run.  My alarm goes off each day at 5:45; I immediately shut it off and commence staring at the ceiling, checking my Facebook notifications, and catching up on all those missed late-night talk shows I can no longer stay awake to watch.  I ponder reaching to my left and mixing my E&E to garner the required energy to simply start my day.  But it’s too much most days.  And so I feel sad, a tad guilty, and still exhausted. 

The amount of sleep just doesn’t matter.  I can sleep a little; I can sleep a lot.  I have become the Goldilocks of sleeping, but I still haven’t found the “just right” amount when anemia slithers into bed.  If you’ve dealt with low iron, you know the feeling.  If you haven’t, you’re probably thinking, “She’s just lazy.”  And you can go right ahead and slap yourself in your smug little face, seeing as how my arm is too weary for me to do it.  This gal, right here, ain’t lazy.  When it comes to putting laundry away (I have a strong aversion to returning anything to its rightful place) or retrieving the mail (all the way across the street? Why can’t they just put it on my porch?), perhaps a tad.  But when we’re talkin’ workouts, running, lifting, sweating…I am anything BUT.  In fact, I push myself to make these sessions as tough as possible.  I live for this crap.  So anemia really pisses me the f#$k off.

Which is why today I forced myself to mix and drink that E&E and push through Cardio Power and Resistance.  I am so freaking amazing.  Not only did I manage to get through it, but I got through it with very few modifications.  I was a tad slower than usual, but I managed to eke out every move with proper form.  That’s pretty balls-to-the-wall awesome, and I thank you for realizing that.  Could I have done it without E&E?  I really don’t think so.  A slow walk would have been more my speed.  But with the E&E, anemia was my BITCH. 

So I vow that tomorrow morning, I will drink sooner and save Colbert, Stewart, and Handler for laundry sorting time (that’s when I cart the clean clothes to my bedroom, spread them over my bed, and then sit down and watch tv and marvel at how quickly I have run out of time to actually sort the laundry).  That just leaves the question…who’s workin’ out with me tomorrow morning????


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