Once A Runner…

Get ready, Readers.  Today marks the first day of Trifecta Training and as such, the first of many posts regarding my incredible gains as a runner.  If you’re a runner, you’re bound to find my itty bitty increment improvements interesting (notice the alliteration? I’m good.).  If you’re not a runner…you should be.  It’s awesome.  It’s addicting.  And you have the added bonus of being able to race with me, because I am dying for some running buddies! 

What exactly am I training for, you ask?  The Runner’s World Half Marathon and Festival in October, right in Bethlehem!  (I say “right in” because it takes me less than hour to get there, and when you live in a town without even a grocery store, that’s “right in.”)  They are offering not one, not two, but THREE RACES!  Now, of course you can sign up for just one or two…but that just seems like something I would not do…So I’m doing all three!  Saturday it’s the 5k followed by the 10k and Sunday it’s the half.  I am looking to bust my Rock N’ Roll Half time (2:37) and really don’t think I’ll have a problem. 

I took an easy 20-minute treadmill run today, increasing incline to decrease boredom (I am more of an outside runner, but the treadmill is fab for days I can’t get outside) and was impressed with myself.  I know, never happens, right?  Today it DID.  I didn’t feel the need for a walk break at all.  This may sound like a small step to you, but it’s a giant leap for me.  That Shaun T has turned this runner into a cardio MACHINE.  I had to repeatedly remind myself that today’s schedule called for an easy run and it’s perfectly okay to not want to keel over.  Add in that I’m technically in recovery week with Insanity and today felt pretty restful.  (Except that all of my challenge groups are participating in a low-to-high plank hourly challenge – 10 an hour – and I’m setting an example by doing it too…)

Rock N Roll

Anyway – I kept a 5.0 mph pace for my easy run.  Not Speedy Gonzales, but not Me From Last Summer either.  Not even Me From This Past Winter.  That used to be my top speed, not my easy peasy lemon squeezy pace.  I just busted through ANOTHER wall.  Thank you for your applause, but really – the roses aren’t necessary.  (I prefer crowns and tiaras.)

The best part of today, though – feeling like ME.  The iron levels seem to be evening out – or maybe it’s just the return to running.  I love it.  It totally gets me high on endorphins.  I can’t wait for my outdoor early morning run tomorrow.  And I promise – I will remember every detail of every step my little Ghosts take (although they will soon be traded in and take their place on the closet floor next to my Frees, as their tread is all gone)…because I know you’ll be waiting and anticipating, wondering and worrying.  Fear not, dear Readers!  We, friends, are BACK ON TRACK. 

And you’re running with me, right?  Oh YAY!


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