Yearn to Learn

I’m teacher AND student – so I get the apple.

I am always learning, and my favorite things to learn are things about – you guessed it – myself.  Here is what I’m learning this week:

1. Insanity has kicked my cardio capabilities into another hemisphere.  I began training for my half-marathon/5k/10k combo scheduled for October, and – miracle of miracles – I no longer need those pesky walking intervals.  I can just run.  Now, I may add in the the walks when I increase my time and mileage simply for fear of injury – but they’ll be few and far between (and weeded out as soon as possible), but for right now, my sports bra is near bustin’ with pride.  (It has very little else to bust with these days.)

2.  My heart rate may get all kinds o’ jacked up while pushing through Insanity or a speedy run interval, but it drops right back down the way a healthy person’s would.  I no longer need long cooldowns to return my heart rate to its resting rate; it gets there lickity split all on its own.  Stop yammering!  I still cool down and stretch because I like it and it’s good for my pretty muscles.  I’m just sayin’ that before, I would still be huffin’ and puffin’ like the Big Bad Wolf after some bacon.  Now, I’m just as serene as the brick-layin’ pig.  (But much leaner.)

Mine is working just dandy, thanks.

3.  I can make my goals happen all on my own, even if they aren’t fitness-related.  I wanted to be an author; yesterday I made it so.  Thank you to and their helpful step-by-step into the world of self-publishing.  Now, you can take me to bed with you!  I will post links to buy the physical copy of SweatItOut: My Journey From CouchSpud to FitGal as soon as everything is a go.  For now, you can find me on Kindle by searching “SweatItOut.” 

4.  My love of fitness is spreading, and it’s spreading because of me.  The Werewolf is doing yoga all on his own and loving it.  He’s namaste-in’ with Rodney Yee two or three times a week and becoming more and more intent on maintaining his focus – so “please be QUIET, Mom and Sissy.”  This makes me incredibly happy and even bustier with pride (well, maybe not bustier, but a gal can always dream).  This weekend we will be shopping for yoga supplies so he can try out some backbends.

The Werewolf’s yoga partner

5.  Exercise is the key component to my productivity.  Days that I don’t work out, I don’t do much else either.  I allow myself to slump in front of the computer, the television, my iPhone.  My energy piques around 1:00 pm.  I begin getting cranky around 4:00.  Days that I do work out, my chores are done by noon, I’m chipper and ready to get outta the house by 1:00, and the kids typically follow by 2:00.  (I wait for them, of course….no matter how tempted I may be for a solo trip.)  Nutrition – the same!  When I take my supplements (added in a B-Complex to support my Iron) and eat well, my body thanks me with energy and good moods.  Why mess with it?  Sloth and gluttony just aren’t my sins.

Those are all pretty kick ass new things about me.  But know what’s better?  Next week, I’m gonna find out something else.  Fact is, I just get better on a daily basis.  So try to keep up, would ya?


One thought on “Yearn to Learn

  1. No workout-no bueno for me as well. I feel like a slug when it is a rest day. I am all thrown off. i know they are for the good of my body and all, but WOW. I feel it. How in the world did I EVER do anything before I worked out!!!???!?!?

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