Can I Get A WootWoot?

Let’s take a moment to truly appreciate just how far I have come, shall we?  A moment to reflect on the changes and triumphs of the last year, a nod to my goals reached and accomplishments made.  Because, well..freakin’ BOOYAH, BABY!  I’ve busted out of so many ruts the path ahead is all smooth now.

Last summer, I was wearing a body covering black bathing suit (we all know the benefits of black), the skirt very thoughtfully covering my thighs.  This summer?  BAM.  That’s a leopard print bikini, and it’s one of FOUR bikinis I sported all summer long.  I have actual abs now and I really want everyone to get a good look at ’em.  On particularly good days, I find myself looking for an excuse to run errands in workout gear so strangers can be motivated by my gloriousness as well. 

Last summer, I started running and completed my first half marathon, donned in a long running skirt and tank top.  This summer, I emerged from a winter of beastly training and ran my first full marathon, donned in a sports bra and mini running skirt.  This summer, I completed my first Spartan Race and jumped over fire.   Last summer, I used walk/run intervals to train for my race. This summer, I am simply running as I train for the Runner’s World Half Marathon and Festival.  (You may want to put on some sunglasses; my awesomeness is getting kinda blinding.)

Last summer, I was smack in the middle of TurboFire and it was the hardest workout I had ever managed to do.  This summer, I’m smack in the middle of Insanity and it IS the hardest workout I have ever done.  But I’m doing it and getting in even BETTER shape.  Traffic may stop by the time next summer rolls around…

Last summer, I was just beginning my road to a FitLife.  This summer, I am firmly entrenched and helping others as they begin wading in the SweatItOut pool.  I am running challenge groups, maintaining a business, and self-publishing a book.  I am on the road to certifications so I can get back to personal training and instructing.  I am headed towards even greater heights of awesomeness.  And the good news is – I’m taking YOU with me. 

All you gotta do is decide, commit, and succeed.  Three simple words.  The first two can be rough…but that last one is so terrifically sweet.  Trust me.  I know from personal experience.


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