Blue Jean Baby

This weekend was – in a word – FAN-F*#$ING-TABULOUS.  So grab your coffee, lean back, kick your feet up, and listen.  Because I wanna tell you aaaaalllll about it.

Size FOUR. 

First up – didn’t workout once.  Sorry…didn’t mean to make you spit out your coffee in shock.  But it’s true!  Normally, not a reason for fantabulousness.  And I should rectify that statement by saying I had no formal workout.  I did, however, walk my lil’ butt off.  Literally.  As Hubby and I perused the Gettysburg Outlets, I walked that lil’ butt right into a pair of size four jeans.  I never thought these hips or quads would see the day!  But I was walking right out of the 6’s I had on, so I figured I’d make the attempt.  Left the store with spankin’ new skinny jeans AND trousers.  BOTH 4’s.  And all this after a month of that nasty scale not budging.  So once again, I am proven RIGHT.  Screw the scale!  Use the jeans!

And now I’m extra energized for my back-to-back workouts today (Insanity and an easy run).  My legs feel strong, my lungs feel ready, and my enthusiasm is obnoxiously high.  Sometimes, I need a break to remind me just how much I love what I do.

Mine at last!

Second – Hubby surprised me with a chinup bar AND Selectech dumbbells!!!! Now, of course we left on our mini-vacay before I had the chance to use either piece of equipment.  And of course nothing in my training currently necessitates either piece of equipment.  But I cannot keep my sweaty paws off of ’em so I see a lifting session in my very near future (translation: Babe’s naptime).  I’ve been dreaming lustily of this since I helped Hubby carry the weights inside on Friday.  Today, my dreams reach fruition.  *blissfulsigh*


Third – I discovered our favorite restaurant in Gettysburg (Gettysburg Eddie’s) has added a vegetarian menu!  I was not relegated to pale lettuce leaves and lemon water!  Instead, I feasted on portabella, roasted red peppers, and an incredibly vibrant salad.  My drool is making the keyboard kind of slippery…My only regret nutrition-wise while we were out and about?  Nary a blender in sight so no Shakeology for TWO DAYS!  And I forgot to take my vitamins along, so I was feeling mildly sluggish by the time we returned to the M&M Estate last evening.  Today, however, all is good and back on track.  Shakeology has been consumed and Mama is on the verge of a workout.  Things are back to healthy!

Last (but not nearly least) – I handed out copies of my book to my sisters and my mom.  Autographed and everything!  There’s something about a book that just feels good in my soul.  Those are my words and my ideas between those covers…and that’s my name on the front cover.  My bucket list would be shorter if I wasn’t constantly adding new goals to replace those accomplished.

It’s good for your FitLife AND your soul.

Great weekend.  But it’s over…and now we’re movin’ into a new week, a new school year, and a new challenge group.  Just because I’ve had an awesome three days, don’t expect me to slow down and become a slug.  I’ve got plenty of awesome to keep going.


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