You know I like to keep things up front and honest around here.  In the interest of maintaining my all-truth-all-the-time policy, I have a few shocking admissions to make today.

The morning began like any other…I emerged from a blissful slumber to sweat through Insanity Max Recovery.  While still in my sweat-drenched workout wear, I roused the sleeping monkeys and popped a special breakfast in the oven for them – Pillsbury cinnamon rolls.  With icing.  Have you smelled these little concoctions?  DEVILS, I tell you.  Devils.  I ate three.  Would’ve been four, but the werewolf asked for the last one.  I caught myself before I bit his eager little fingers.

So the morning was back on track after that, yes?  No more sugar binges, of course…Of course there were!  I was on a roll.  I shared an iced fudgie walnut brownie with the babe.  I’m pretty sure it was approximately the size of his head.  Know what I washed that down with?  Full on whole cow’s milk.

Now I’m back on track.  I ran it off (mostly) with a nice 45-minute easy/hill run and made myself a nice, healthy sweet potato for lunch (with sour cream and butter! Damn it!).  But now…now I feel in control.  Possibly because I just now finished said tater.  But I choose to believe because I’ve gotten the binge outta my system.  Every now and then, it happens.  And my body has yet to settle into vegetarianism the way it settled into various other nutritional plans.  That is to say, my blood sugar and cravings are all over the place as of late.  My muscles are getting fatigued faster.  I am regularly nauseous and irritable.  I can feel anemia’s chilly fingers tickling my lowering energy levels.

So, yet again, it’s time to re-examine the diet.  I need to find something I – and my body – can live with.  I’ve done all the things I’ve been told an anemic vegetarian needs to do…but it’s not working.  Daily iron supplements did help for about a week, especially when combined with my B complex.  Yeah.  That’s gone down the proverbial toilet.  So yesterday, I researched.  I read, I pinned, I read some more.  I debated internally, questioned my own motivations, and dealt with my inner critic.

I’m gonna eat meat again.

You can call me a hypocrite if it makes you happy, but I’ve already done it myself.  The fact is, my health is my primary concern here.  I love all the little creatures too, I do.  But I love me a hell of a lot more.  And I just can’t function at my full potential without meat.  (That’s what she said…)  That being said, I am buying free range and grass fed and organic.  I am looking to sustainable farming vs. factory farming.  If I’m truly doing this for the health of it, why would I plunge right back into hormone-laden filth?

The new plan is called Paleo, and you’ll be hearing more about it from me – and I’d hedge a bet you’ll be hearing about it from a lot of people and a lot of sources.  Like any plan, it’s got its critics and its disciples.  After all of my reading yesterday, I follow under the “I’ll try it for at least 30 days” crowd and see how I feel.  If the testimonials are true – ya better watch out because I’ll be at an even higher level of rarin’-to-go.  If the testimonials prove false?  I’ll be back to the Body Confidence plan while I continue to sort things out.

See, I am still on my journey.  I’ve got the workouts down (though I like to shake ’em up every few months, I am no longer lost and searching for my path over there).  I am still searching for the meal plan that is best for me, my body, and my family.  Being a FitGal is awesome, but I don’t wanna be a lonely FitGal.  So of course I ran this all by the rest of the M&M Clan and they are very pleased to hear bacon will once again be on the menu (if sparingly).

Wanna join me in this new route?  Curious and want to learn more about the Paleo lifestyle?  Check out two of the blogs I follow (right over there under Other Blogs That Rock): Perfectly Paleo Sisters and Mark’s Daily Apple.  I credit those sisters with alerting me to the Paleo eating plan and enjoy reading about their Paleo journey.  Check them out, throw some support their way!  As for Mark’s Daily Apple – it’s pretty much the ultimate Paleo/Primal site.  Recipes, explanations, science, and personal accounts from those living the life.

I am a tad sad as I let go of my still-new-and-shiny vegetarianism and more than a tad nervous to re-enter the meat-eating world…but when has nervousness ever stopped this FitGal?  Oh, that’s right.  NEVER.


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