Me Cook. You Eat.

The thing with Paleo is this: ya gotta spend some time in the kitchen.  Not necessarily this Cavegal’s strong suit.  I’m more of a “Oooh! That sounds delicious! Why don’t you make that for me?” sort of girl.  Unfortunately, I have not yet (YET!) reached financial levels that afford me a personal chef.  Nor can I rely on Hubby during football season (coaching Flags is serious business.  Just ask the Werewolf).  So cooking has fallen to me – with OUTSTANDING results (for all of the two days I’ve been back in the kitchen).I had the recipes; I had the goods; I had the time.  So here’s what I made – with photographic evidence to prove it.


Breakfast yesterday – no photos, but I still cooked.  Simple stuff – scrambled eggs with salt and pepper, oven-baked bacon, and fresh strawberries.  Nothing groundbreaking, true – but more substantial than the cinnamon rolls and/or powdered donuts provided the previous two mornings.  (Bad, bad CaveMama.)  And they ate it.  Not one complaint about the missing sugar or toast.  A good start to the Paleo journey!

Lunch was leftover tilapia seasoned with Tod’s Bayou Dirt (never heard of it? Now you have.  Go get some.  Put it on your popcorn, your meats, your eggs…everything.  As a Cajun myself, I highly recommend it).  Snacks consisted of fruits – apples, bananas, cantaloupe.  And then…dinner.

Better than a candle (tastier too!)

I made a FANTABULOUS Smokey Roast – ten or so minutes of prep, then seven hours in the crockpot.  This recipe doubled as meal and aromatic fantasty.  The house continued smelling delicious even after we arrived home from our football scrimmage.  Who needs Yankee Candles when ya got a roast, am I right?  Plus, it was a crowd pleaser.  Nearly everyone became a member of the clean plate club (some of us – I’m not mentioning any Queens – became members twice).  Turns out, I am a GENIUS in the kitchen.  Just give me someone else’s recipe, and I’m a freakin’ chef.

For dessert?  Paleo brownies!  That’s right, I said it…BROWNIES.  Now, I am providing the recipe because Ienjoyed them.  No one else at the M&M Estate was quite so enthusiastic.

Brownie ingredients

They definitely have an almond-y flavor and are more suited to grownup tastebuds (not mature…I said I liked them, remember?).  I did have to substitute vanilla extract with almond extract, so I plan on attempting them again with the exact ingredients and doing another family taste test.  That being said – this is a healthy dessert recipe worth trying.

Now, today…I made –from scratch– Paleo lemon poppyseed muffins.  The babe devoured TWO.  I stopped myself at one but I hear them out there, calling me, demanding my attention.  We can only hope there will be leftovers for Hubby when he finds himself back at the Estate.

A little help from the Werewolf

So what have we learned today, Readers?  We have learned that even the most reticent FitGals can tackle kitchen duty with incredible success.  We have learned that nutrition is a journey – but it doesn’t have to be an “are we there yet?” hell spiral.  To be quite honest (and if you share this with anyone, I may have to squash you with my Insanity muscles), the cooking wasn’t so bad.  I may have even (gasp!) enjoyed it a tad.  A tad.  Which is good, because I’ve got lunch and dinner ahead of me…and we have decided that school lunches will from this day forward be packed.  To ease our junkfood lovin’ monkeys into this, they are permitted ONE DAY each week to purchase the (thurp) school lunch.  My goal is to allow the lunch account to dwindle right out of existence.

Because what fun is it to be fit all alone?  I, for one, would be so lonely without others beside me to remind me how wonderfully I’m doing.


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