Booty Shakin’

Today marks the first day of my BackToBooty challenge group.  We’ve all got our copies of Brazil Butt Lift and high hopes for some extra firm junk in the trunk.

When I popped in today’s workout (Bum Bum – pronounced “boom boom”, and still making me giggle), I was feeling quite superior.  After all, I have been chuggin’ through Insanity for about a month and a half now.  Well, I gotta hand it to Leandro (the newest and smileyest man in my life) because he quite literally handed me my ass.  That was a good, solid workout!  In a quick and incredibly fun half hour, I burned 256 calories (according to my trusty Polar heart rate monitor).  My legs are pleasantly worked, my bum is nice and warm and fatigued.  And I find myself super excited for tomorrow’s butt-building session.

Seriously.  Is there anything Beachbody can’t do?  I have yet to find a program or product I don’t immediately fall in fitness love with.  I’ve got my endorphins goin’ before the coffee even percolates.  Nothing starts the day better than a great workout and knowing I’ve started my morning in the best way possible – by simply MOVING.  It sets the tone for the whole rest of the day to follow.  I’m gonna be a more patient mama and wife, a more ambitious Queen overall, and I probably will take far longer to get irritated by the dogs continually crapping on my floor.  (I love those pooches, I do.  It’s their crap and their looks of either “Looks like someone crapped on your floor again.  Must’ve been the cats.” or “Yeah, that’s mine.  What are ya gonna do about it?” that really irk me.  I’m pretty sure I burn a fair amount of calories from heart rate spikes courtesy of those mutts.)

Now that my crap-rant is out of the way…I still feel GREAT!  As in, I can’t wait to head out to watch the Bear cheer this morning.  I can’t wait to take my long run this afternoon.  I even can’t wait to – dare I say it?!? – COOK DINNER.  WHAAAAAAT?

This Paleo stuff is so tasty, I’m actually willing to put the time in.  Hubby took over last night and whipped up some Balsamic Glazed Drumsticks courtesy of Mark’s Daily Apple and we had nary a leftover.  The Bear alone ate three.  We left the table feeling stuffed and commenting we must have overeaten.  But I sat back and thought about it.  I ate two relatively small

Little bit of heaven on your plate

drumsticks, a handful of baby carrots, and a handful of grapes.  That’s it.  I felt like I’d downed a three-course meal.  So – still loving Paleo.  I am going to continue including links to the recipes I find and use (if I like them), so here’s your ticket to a blissful dinner table this evening:



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